Top Three Pool Transformations of 2024: See the Stunning Before and After Pictures

January 12, 2024

At Blue Haven, we love bringing your vision to life. Our goal is to welcome you to a world where imagination dips into reality and backyards transform into retreats of luxury. Ready for some transformative tales that inspire you to jumpstart your dream project? Join us as we take a plunge into these stories of transformation, each evoking luxury and innovation.


1. Sackville North: Embracing the Lay of the Land

Sackville North Embracing the Lay of the Land Embracing the Lay of the Land
Sackville North Lay of the Land Sackville North Side Lay of the Land

The Sackville North project presented our team with a unique challenge: to design a pool that would not just sit on the land, but with it. The property’s sloping topography demanded a design philosophy that embraced the natural contours of the site, ensuring that the pool would enhance, not disrupt, the existing landscape.

Our team began the careful process of integrating a pool into this challenging slope. The excavation process was done with precision, ensuring that the natural integrity of the land was preserved while creating a stable foundation for the pool structure.

The construction phase saw the introduction of robust retaining walls, designed to blend with the natural gradient and to provide the necessary support for the pool. These walls were not only functional but also contributed to the aesthetic of the space, echoing the organic lines and shapes found in the surrounding landscape.

As the pool took shape, it became clear that this was not just a construction project; it was a sculptural endeavour. Truth be told, it was our commitment to creating a pool that was in harmony with the land led to a design that seemed to have always been a part of the terrain.

Sackville North Pool Transformation 2023

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Sackville North the Lay of the Land

The Sackville North pool, with its eco-efficient circulation systems and thoughtful integration into the sloping block, stands as a shining example of how challenging landscapes can be transformed into stunning, functional outdoor spaces. It is a pool that not only provides a tranquil retreat but also a conversation piece, demonstrating what is possible when innovation meets nature.


2. Elanora Heights: A Testament to Precision and Elegance

Elanora Heights A Testament to Precision and Elegance

A Testament to Precision and Elegance

Swimming Pool Transformation Ideas 2023

In the heart of Elanora Heights, a backyard has been transformed into an exemplar of modern pool design. The project began with a vision to create a space that was not only visually striking but also a hub of functionality and ease. The transformation was marked by meticulous attention to detail, from the groundwork to the finishing touches.

During the initial phase, the team tackled the raw terrain, executing a strategic excavation plan to carve out the perfect niche for the pool. A complex network of steel reinforcement was installed, laying the foundation for a pool that promises resilience and longevity. This mesh of strength is the unseen hero, providing the structural integrity needed to support the sophisticated features to come.

As the pool began to take shape, technical prowess came to the forefront. A state-of-the-art dual main drain system was integrated to ensure optimal water circulation, resulting in crystal-clear water and an efficient cleaning cycle.

Crystal Clear Water Pool

Transformation of Luxurious Pool Spa 2023

The centrepiece of this transformation is the luxurious spa, adorned with a delicate mosaic that invites relaxation and provides a stunning visual contrast to the expansive pool. It’s a space that whispers tranquillity, designed not just for its therapeutic benefits but also to serve as a visual anchor within the landscape. Surrounding this aquatic jewel, the selection of travertine tiling adds a touch of understated glamour, chosen for its timeless appeal and its practical, non-slip properties.

Features such as a basketball court and sleek glass fencing complement the pool area, creating a harmonious and inviting space for outdoor entertainment and leisure. The project showcases how careful planning and design can create an environment that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a great example of how a pool area can become a central part of a home’s outdoor living space, offering a haven for relaxation and enjoyment.


3. Kangaroo Point: An Infinity Experience Like No Other

Kangaroo Point An Infinity Experience Like No Other

Kangaroo Point was once a space that, while promising, lacked the vibrancy and vitality. The vision for this project was clear from the beginning: to create an infinity pool that would not only serve as a luxurious aquatic feature but also capture the essence of the breathtaking lakeside vista. It was a daring venture into the realm of the infinity pool, which demands not just design expertise but a deep understanding of the landscape it is set against.

The transformation process at Kangaroo Point was a delicate balance of art and engineering. A concrete pool was chosen for its durability and versatility, providing a blank canvas for our team to work our magic. As the construction unfolded, it was evident that every aspect of the pool was being crafted with the utmost precision. The positioning, the angle of the infinity edge, the depth – each detail meticulously calculated to ensure that the pool would appear as a natural extension of the lake it overlooked.

Transformation Process at Kangaroo Point

Special attention was given to the infinity edge’s catchment system, a critical feature that allows for the mesmerising effect of water disappearing over the horizon. This system not only serves the aesthetic purpose of creating the infinity illusion but also plays a crucial role in the pool’s circulation, conserving water and energy.

The selection of tiles was another pivotal decision, with a striking blue mosaic chosen to mirror the sky and the lake, enhancing the illusion that the pool is an extension of the natural body of water beyond. This choice of finish turned the pool into a living, reflective surface that changes with the time of day and weather conditions, making it an ever-dynamic feature of the home.

Safety and aesthetics went hand in hand with the installation of transparent glass fencing. It ensures unobstructed views while maintaining the highest safety standards, allowing the pool to be a space of uninterrupted beauty that invites relaxation and contemplation.

In these three tales of transformation, we see more than just construction; we witness the birth of an experience. And if you’re keen to explore more such stunning transformations that stand shoulder to shoulder with Sydney’s Top 14Pools for 2023, Blue Haven invites you to dive into the latest additions to our portfolio. You can also check out these real luxury pools of Beverly Hills to recreate the same ambience at home.

Ready to start your transformation story? Reach out to Blue Haven for a consultation, and let’s sculpt your dream pool into reality.

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