Enhance Your Pool Experience with These 4 Stunning Final Touches

September 23, 2020

One of our favourite things about working in the pool business is getting to help our customers turn their creative visions into reality and design the pool of their dreams.

Since pool technology has advanced so much in recent years, you now have many exciting options for building a beautiful and functional pool. At Blue Haven, we’re here to help you understand what’s possible — and make it happen!

In this post, we’ll take a look at four of the best finishing touches you can add to your pool design to put it over the top. Take a look to get inspired by these ideas (and get in touch with the team at Blue Haven if you have questions).


Built-in glass windows or panels

It seems like a simple addition, but building a glass window or panel into your above-ground pool can completely transform the look and feel of your entire outdoor space. Instead of viewing your pool as a solid, rectangular structure, a glass window opens up your pool and lets you look across the surface, rather than down into it.

Glass windows also give you a look into the depths of your pool, which you don’t get with a traditional in-ground pool. It’s a feature that we often use on properties that have a natural slope in elevation, but we think it’s a stunning enhancement to any pool.


Enviro Smart Mineral Pool

With an Enviro Smart Mineral Pool from Blue Haven, you can turn your pool into a spa-like environment. After a swim in the mineral-enriched water, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated, like you’re relaxing at a day spa. Our nutrient-infused pools can clear up your skin, relax your achy muscles, and reduce your stress levels.

Plus, our proprietary Enviro Smart Mineral Pools are better for the environment. When compared to traditional pools, our mineral pool pump can reduce power costs by $800 per year and without the need of backwashing you’ll be saving up to 80% of water wastage annually.


Infinity edge design

Infinity edges (also called wet edges) are another attractive design feature in modern pools. These types of pools became popular in tropical resorts and holiday destinations, but now you can incorporate them into your home pool as well.

Although infinity pools will work well in many backyards, they look particularly stunning if you live in a scenic area (with a waterfront or forest view, for example). That’s because infinity edges create the illusion that your pool is merging with surrounding scenery, adding tranquillity to your outdoor space.

They can also work really well facing a lower alfresco area and create a great look!


Eye-catching colours and textures

It’s incredibly exciting to see how many different pool finishes are available today. If you’re building a pool, you can mix and match coloured and textured materials for your interior, waterline, coping, and much more. This is frequently one of the most fun parts of building a pool, and we love helping our customers get creative with it.

Looking for inspiration? Check out this pool that has a vivid natural blue interior finish. It’s a shade that is exclusive to Blue Haven and perfectly brings together the fluid and concrete elements of the pool.

These are just four examples of the design elements and features that you can incorporate into your pool. To discuss any of the ideas we’ve outlined in this article (or to chat about other pool plans you have), get in touch with Blue Haven today by calling us on 13 20 25 or visiting our website.


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