Say Goodbye to Nasty Pool Bacteria

May 6, 2017


Just because a pool looks clean doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to swim in.

With increased usage and harsh weather conditions, summer provides the perfect ingredients for nasty bacteria to breed in your pool.

From the minute the pool is filled with water, bacteria starts to grow on the pool walls, pipes, plumbing and in the filter. Breeding, multiplying, dividing and growing within minutes, bacteria builds up immunities to protect itself from normal protective measures such as chlorine or bromine.

A protective coating called Exopolysaccharide Film or biofilm forms in swimming pools protecting the bacteria and providing the perfect environment to breed and gather food by absorbing particles out of the water. Normal cleaning such as chlorine and bromine can’t penetrate the biofilm – treating a pool with chlorine, salt chlorinators, ozone, bacquacil, bromine and even ionic sterilization only kills around 10 per cent of the bacteria in a pool. The other 90 per cent can’t be seen, lurking on the surface and in other hard to reach places.

Thankfully Blue Haven’s Enviro Smart Pool exclusive and revolutionary technology is designed to remove the bacteria you can’t see.

Removing biofilm without harsh chemicals, the mineral filtration system works by loosening the biofilm and then coagulating it so it is easily filtered out.

Harnessing the riches of nature’s ocean and mineral lagoons, hidden bacteria is easily destroyed by the Enviro Smart Pool’s mineral converter without the use of harsh chemicals to ensure a softer, safer swim.

As well as ensuring cleaner pool water, Blue Haven’s Enviro Smart Pool provides superior energy and water savings, reducing waste water by 12,000 litres each year and saving 80 per cent of ongoing operating costs.

Benefits of the Enviro Smart Pool include:

  • Mineral infused bathing
  • Reduction in water wastage of up to 12,000 litres a year
  • Saving of up to 80% on operating costs
  • Safer, cleaner water
  • No added chlorine, algaecides or clarifiers
  • Virtually maintenance free

Call Blue Haven Pools today on 13 20 25 to find out how an Enviro Smart Pool can benefit you.

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