Get Your Pool Ready For Summer

October 3, 2018

Summer is just around the corner so, if you’ve recently installed a new pool, it’s time to start preparing it for all the fun in the sun. We recommend starting your preparation in Spring to make sure your pool is ready at the beginning of Summer – this is much more achievable if you’ve been treating your pool throughout Winter.

To help you get started, we’ve created a list of seven steps that you should follow!

  1. Remove the cover
    First things first, remove the cover from your pool to check out how it looks, and what work needs to be done in the preparation process.
  2. High-pressure hose down
    Check the components built into the pool shell such as skimmers and baskets that may need a hose down.
  3. Scrub the pool shell
    Soft cleaning tools such as sponges and brushes are best for this job. Clean the surface of the pool shell thoroughly. Using a robotic pool cleaner for the pool floor is recommended.
  4. Clean the pool filters
    Use chemical products and check the filter sand. If the sand is more than three years old, be sure to change it.
  5. Check the “extras”
    Light fittings, steps, springboards, and diving boards. Check they are in good, working condition.
  6. Refill and treat
    After refilling your pool, be sure to remove germs and bacteria using a shock treatment. This prevents algae and other organisms that can cause health issues, particularly for our skin.
  7. Test the pH level
    Check the pH of your water and that it falls between 7.2 and 7.6.

Need help getting your pool ready? Call our team at Blue Haven on 13 20 25.


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