Pool first, house second: Why you should get your pool shell in before the house build begins

March 11, 2022

So you’re planning a new house or duplex? Going to lose good access to dig the pool? Then you’ll need a pool shell built fast. A Blue Haven Fast Build will see your in-ground pool dug, steel fixed, plumbed and sprayed faster than a fibreglass pool can be manufactured!


Are you building a house and have plans to build a pool? Is your block currently vacant?

Get in touch with us right now to have your pool shell built faster than fibreglass!

Yep, you read that right! If your home is ready to be built, we’ll work collaboratively and quickly by taking care of the excavation, steelworks, plumbing and concreting, in the industry’s fastest turnaround time. We work fast so you don’t lose access!


Here’s what should be done before the house slab goes down:

  • Excavation
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Plumbing
  • Skimmer box, heating provisions, lighting provisions, jet provisions, pre-plumbing works
  • Concrete


Once your house builder takes control of your block, you won’t be able to get into the backyard to do any other work. In fact, once the house slab is down, in many cases there is no access for the machinery required to dig the hole for your pool.

Imagine losing access and needing people with wheelbarrows to complete the excavation! That’s going to take forever and cost you an extra $15–$30K in labour hours, or, kiss goodbye to more than $10K for mini machine excavation. No thanks!

Losing access is just one of the reasons why building your pool shell BEFORE your house is built is simply a must.

Doing the heavy lifting to get your pool built (and by that we mean the design, excavation, heating and lighting provisions, basically the entire concrete shell) before construction starts on your home will save you sooo much time, energy and money when it comes to putting in the finishing touches (tiling, landscaping, furniture…).

Even better, you won’t have to worry about any large machines coming in and damaging what you’ve just spent thousands of dollars creating – like driveways and landscaped lawns.

You’d be crazyyyyy not to do all the prep work before your home is built.

Once you’re in your home, we’ll come back and do the finishing touches – the tiling, filtration, interior – basically all the fun stuff.

When your new home is nearly at the lock-up stage you can immerse yourself with our one-on-one 60-minute showroom experience at the newly renovated Blue Haven Pools head office. Bring your swimmers for a dip and see all the latest in finishes, technology and pool styling.

The showroom experience is included in the advertised Vacant Block Package and also includes breakfast, lunch or dinner by the pools in the new Poolside Pavilion at Lansvale.

You’ll be swimming, sunbaking, sipping cocktails and entertaining family and friends by your stunning pool at your dream home in no time! *Deep sigh of satisfaction*

For more information on our commitment to building your pool fast, check out our Vacant Block or Duplex Package where you can even reserve your time slot. Or, to chat with us about your options, click here.

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