Hippo makes a splash in resort swimming pool

May 20, 2016

Those familiar with the Blue Haven brand will remember the company’s original and iconic elephant in the swimming pool marketing campaign.

Well another African animal recently decided the swimming pool was the best place to cool off amidst a scorching African drought, making world news!

The large hippopotamus made a splash when he was spotted by staff at a private nature reserve in South Africa doing laps of a pool.

Staff were reportedly shocked to find the giant African beast enjoying a dip in the private pool, but guided the 1000 plus kilogram wild animal to the steps and out of the swimming pool. He then slowly plodded back into the bush.

It’s reportedly the second time the animal decided to take a swim in the pool – the first time he jumped in while residents were swimming one evening.

The hippos little swim has made headlines around the globe. Click here to view. If you want to see how Blue Haven’s pools are tough enough for an elephant, or a hippo for that matter click here.

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