Everything You Need to Know about Pool Cover

May 5, 2020

Advantages of a Pool Cover

Pool covers are a valuable addition to your swimming pool with benefits which include:

  • Extend your swim season: By warming and insulating your pool water with a pool cover, you can double your swimming season, double the use of your pool, and double the fun!
  • Saving water: A swimming pool can evaporate up to twice its volume every year. A pool cover will
  • stop evaporation: Pool covers can stop up to 97% of evaporation resulting is saving our precious water resource.
  • Saving energy: Heating a pool requires energy from the sun, gas, or electricity. A pool cover will significantly reduce your heating costs by up to two thirds by retaining heat in your pool.
  • Saving time: Keep your pool cleaner using a pool cover, reduce the workload on your pool cleaner and yourself by not having to constantly clean out leaves and debris.
  • Save chemicals: By using a pool cover, your chemical usage will significantly decrease saving you money.
  • Saving money: The return on investment is quick when you consider all the savings a pool cover gives you by saving water, energy, chemicals and time.


Types of Pool Covers

  • Solar covers (Bubble style): Flexible polyethylene bubble style covers to heat (up to 8°C) and retain heat in the pool, stop evaporation, save energy, help keep the pool clean and save chemicals.
  • Slat covers: Motorised slat covers provide a solid barrier when in place retain heat in the pool, stop evaporation, save energy, help keep the pool clean and save chemicals.


Pool Cover Rollers

A roller is a convenient consideration when purchasing a cover and there are several different options including:

  • Stationary or mobile manual pool rollers: Generally movable around your pool area and require manual operation.
  • Underground rollers and cover housings: Provide convenience and improved aesthetics by storing the roller & cover underground and out of sight.
  • Motorised rollers: Available for the ultimate of ease and convenience. These can be operated via switches, key switch or even remote controls.



Your pool cover should come with an installation and operation manual.

  • Solar covers: (Bubble style) are generally fitted flat on the water bubble side down, size can be from having a gap around the edge to having an upturn up the wall of the pool.
  • Slat covers: Generally installed to waterline flat on the water with motorised rollers underground or above ground.


NOTE: All pool covers should be installed to manufacturers recommendations. Completely remove pool covers before swimming. Do not swim under pool covers. Follow manufacturers operating procedures. Pool Covers are NOT safety covers. Pool covers cannot be used instead of fencing.

Different pool cover types require different techniques of installation. Some pool covers are cut exactly to the surface of the pool, some a little larger, and some need gaps around the edge to allow for free operation. Minor gaps around your pool cover will not affect the performance and all pool covers will expand or shrink marginally due to the temperature fluctuations they are exposed to.

Pool covers and pool cover roll

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