Choosing Your Pool’s Location

November 17, 2017


When you are building a pool, its position is a crucial element and one of the many big decisions that will need to be made. A well-positioned pool should be placed where it can be seen from the main living areas of your home. This is to maximise its impact AND give you your very own *water view*. The best location in our experience is just outside or next to your entertaining outdoor area. This provides the yard with a *flow* a seamless transition from the house, to the outdoor area, to the pool.

Our clients also want the pool to be placed where there is easy access to keep an eye on the kids. It’s so important that you monitor your child’s use of the pool. Having your pool near your entertainment area also provides a place for family and guests to cool off.

Your location will depend on the shape and size of your yard, you need to take into consideration space for pets to run around, and for children to have access to other play equipment. Do you want to have a green area where you can have a garden or a shaded area for relaxing? A BBQ area or gazebo, before just placing your pool you need to think about your yard and what parts of it you want to, or need to use for other functions.

Consider too, privacy. Is there enough privacy for your family and guests? Not just from the neighbours, but from passers-by as well.

Depending on space available, you can also consider having an enclosed pool. An indoor pool does have some advantages including being able to use the pool all year round, privacy, protection from the sun.

Excavating for an inground concrete pool is a big decision and an exciting decision. You need to ensure your pool is also in the right spot for the sun, and it needs to be placed where you can make use of the sun during summer while reducing your maintenance during the winter months.

How close do you want to place the pool to your home? Small pools work well when placed closer to the house, while a larger pool is the perfect choice for the middle or back of the yard where you can try a *themed area* with a deck making it the perfect area for entertaining. Pools also come in a range of sizes and shapes, so you will need to consider what form will work well, and look best in your yard.

And finally – the natural surroundings matter – choosing an open area is an effective option. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of time removing leaves and other debris from your pool – including sap that can drip into the pool from over-hanging branches. If you want greenery, you can always plant some small shrubs around the pool once the construction is complete. For professional pool design book a creative pool consultation with Blue Haven.

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