Building a Pool: Answers to your Questions!

August 13, 2015

Building a new pool is an exciting – albeit sometimes daunting – prospect. Luckily, there are plenty of great Sydney pool builders and designers around whom are willing to answer any questions you might have. Indeed, you should clear your mind of any concerns before plunging into the pool building process. At Blue Haven we’ve garnered a few of the most commonly asked questions and provided a quick response for each; so read on and maybe find the right solution to your query.

Are building permits compulsory?

If you plan on building any kind or variety of spa or pool that extends to 300mm or more in depth, then you’re going to need a building permit. It’s the law and cannot be evaded! Engage a private building surveyor or check with your local council, and pick up a copy of a building permit before beginning the pool-building process.

What are the benefits of using a registered swimming pool builder?

With a registered swimming pool builder, you get the comfort of knowing that you’re in safe, reliable hands. Licenced builders are trained, qualified and experienced practitioners of pool building. Why settle for less when you can guarantee your pool will be build to a high and professional standard.  Don’t sign anything until you’ve confirmed your pool builder is licenced. You can do this by calling regulatory body in your area.

Is it legal to use an unregistered pool builder to build my pool?

Long answer short – it is. An unregistered builder is breaking the law if she or he carries out any kind of work towards building a spa or pool. If you’ve hired a builder, it is imperative they provide you with a ‘Building Indemnity Insurance’ for any work valued over  $12,000, as well as a major domestic building contract for any works carried out at all (to any value).

What laws do I need to be aware of (and follow!)?

Consult with your local swimming pool builder – who will have a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations that apply to your jurisdiction. It is particularly important, however, than you gain a sound knowledge of the laws involving pool safety for yourself.

What happens if things go awry?

If things don’t go exactly to plan, it’s important to know there are services available to help you through your dispute. Before doing this, try directly contacting your swimming pool builder and resolving the problem. The next step is to engage a professional, third party body that can help you work out a fair solution.

Hopefully (and more likely than not) everything goes to plan and you have a positive experience and enjoy a friendly environment during the design and building process! At Blue Haven Pools, we can guarantee this is exactly what you will experience.

If you still have a few questions or matters you’re unsure about in regards to building your pool, such as design or environmentally-friendly options, please contact the experienced and friendly team Blue Haven Pools, who will be eager to help you out. You can call on 13 20 25 or head online to www.bluehaven.com.au to request a quote today.

Good luck! But remember, pool builders in Sydney, such as the outstanding team at Blue Haven, want you to have a positive experience and craft an outstanding pool or spa that you can enjoy for years to come – so don’t hesitate to ring up and have a chat.

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