Swimming pool trends for 2015

December 1, 2014

Swimming pools – they’re the most sought-after backyard accessories of the summer.

But what’s hot in design trends for 2015?

Like fashion or home interiors, design trends come and go as quickly as the seasons.

Here Blue Haven looks at the latest swimming pool design trends for this summer.

Glass tiles

When it comes to swimming pool design, fibreglass bottoms, concrete surfaces and porcelain tiles are so yesterday – the modern swimming pool is all about the glass tile finish. Glass tiles began to emerge in popularity last season due to their durability and iridescent finish that is quite unlike any other.

Water features

Waterfalls, fountains and wall water features are becoming increasingly popular in modern swimming pool design due to their sophisticated look and relaxing

Natural pools

Built to blend in with a natural landscape, the natural swimming pool design is one of the hottest trends this season. Built to resemble a pond or natural swimming hole, these designs usually incorporate a lot of rock, sandstone and greenery to complete the design. A true natural pool will even rely on the surrounding plants to clean the water rather than chlorine. These pools cost less to run and reduce a home’s carbon footprint. Best suited however to a less modern landscape.

Knife-edge pools

For decades the infinity-edge pool has been the desire of many new swimming pool builders. The trend has been at the forefront of modern swimming pool design since the late 1990s. One swimming pool that is set to surpass the trend though is the knife-edge pool. Where the infinity-edge pool has one edge where the water flows over the side, the knife-edge swimming pool allows for all four edges to spill over the sides giving the appearance from every angle of the swimming pool that the water extends to the horizon. Also known as the “Lautner” pool, a slot-edge pool, wet edge pool or perimeter pool, this design is sure to be hot this summer.

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