A Swimming Pool Just For Your Four Legged Friends

February 28, 2017

A Pool Has Opened For Your Pet in China

First there were the doggy cafes and upmarket grooming parlours. Then along came doggy day care. A newly opened pool in China, however, has taken pooch pampering to a whole new level.

The recently opened pet pool in Chengdu China, where temperatures can soar to 40 degrees, has proven popular with pet owners seeking somewhere for their pampered pets to cool off.

The dog pool has proved to be popular

The pooch pool is proving so popular that swimmers and their four legged friends are reserving spots in advance so that they don’t miss out on the chance to swim according to People’s Daily Online.

There are two pools for different sized dogs, with both swimming pools accommodating between 20 to 30 dogs and their owners.

The larger swimming pool measures 2 foot and 7 inches deep and the smaller one is 1 foot and 7 inches deep.

The animals are given toys


And as no doggy paddle is complete without a few toys to play with, dogs have the use of a specially designed surfboard, balls and other throw toys. There’s even a diving board for the more adventurous pets. And for those who aren’t strong swimmers, doggy life jackets are available.

Hygiene is a priority with the specially filtered tap water tested each day for contaminants and it is cleaned daily. Dogs also have to undergo health checks for mites and skin diseases before entering the water.

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