What You Should Understand About Having a Swimming Pool

August 20, 2019

The fun and leisurely activities that a pool offers are enough to persuade anyone to install a pool in their home. After all, you will get to create so many great memories right at home, and it’s just like being on a permanent vacation.

Besides the lifestyle benefits, there’s a lot to consider when you own a pool. Continue reading to discover what awaits you once you install a swimming pool.


You Will Have Plenty of Visitors

Your home will transform into the funhouse in your area. That means you should expect your kid’s friends to always want to come over and hang out at your pool. Pools also offer a perfect setting for outdoor parties. So, prepare yourself for lots of entertaining around your new pool.


The Need for More Supervision

With all those visitors you will need to increase your supervision, especially if you’ve got little kids. Unlike a fenced yard where you’d let kids run around unsupervised, a pool demands a keen sense of observation. An older sibling, a babysitter or parent can be present to ensure no accidents at the pool.


Prepare For Puddles inside Your House

One thing most people consider when installing a pool is the water that will be tracked back into the house. Do you have a plan for how swimmers will dry off before entering your home? Consider installing an outdoor lounge, a mudroom or pool house. That way you will avoid inconvenient puddles inside your home.


Maintenance Is Critical

A significant part of pool ownership is planning and carrying out regular maintenance. It ensures that the water is always safe for use and also guarantees that you get to enjoy your pool. If you notice a green hue, then it means your pool is getting dirty. Ideally, the water should always be clear.

All pools will require some cleaning to get rid of the dirt, leaves, and other unwanted things that they typically collect. The cleaning necessary will depend on various factors including pool size, plumbing and filtration system, the type and amount of dirt it collects and also your budget.


Be Creative in the Design Stage

When building your pool, be creative, and try out custom features. While you can still add these features later, it is a lot simpler to include them in the initial design.

Water features not only add beauty and improve the landscape’s general aesthetic appeal but also add more value to your pool. Some features, like a waterfall, help in keeping the water moving to achieve the required circulation to drive foreign matter towards your filter and keep the pool clean.



With a little maintenance, owning a pool opens up you to multiple benefits from the year-round fun times with your family to an easy workout to many others. If you are considering a swimming pool, get in touch with Blue Haven today for a free quote and you will be on your way to a highly rewarding pool ownership journey.

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