The Enviro-Smart Pool

The good news is you can turn any swimming pool into an enviro smart mineral pool! New and existing. Concrete, fibreglass and above ground can be fitted with this system and the benefits are amazing. It gives you a superior natural water feel, harnessing the richness of Natures Ocean and mineral lagoons and delivering them to your swimming pool.

Experience the invigorating feel of bathing in mineral rich water so gentle combined with superior energy and water savings. Some of the key elements of the mineral system are mineral infused bathing, your own beauty retreat, reduce water waste by 12,000 litres per year, save 80% on ongoing operation costs, safer clean water, no added chlorine, algaecides, or clarifiers and to top it off its virtually maintenance free!

The Enviro-Smart Pool gives you a fresh feeling like you’ve never had before. Harnessing the riches of nature’s ocean and mineral lagoons and delivering it straight to your swimming pool. This pool provides a superior natural water feel.
  • Experience the invigorating feel of bathing in water rich in minerals.
  • Superior energy and water savings.
  • Mineral infused bathing providing you with your own beauty retreat
  • Reduce waste water by 12,000 litres per annum
  • Save 80% of ongoing operating costs
  • Safer, cleaner water
  • No added chlorine, algaecides or clarifiers
  • Virtually maintenance free
e-smart pool
e-smart pool


A lot of work goes into the enviro-smart pool to achieve the natural, refreshing results. Using a unique patented mineral water formula, these pools act as a retreat for the body; relaxing, soothing and reinvigorating swimmers.

The Enviro-Smart Mineral Pool is the most efficient pool Blue Haven has on offer for combatting and removing pool bacteria. Regular pools stay relatively clean because of chlorine or the ozone, but there will always be bacteria present. 90% of this bacteria is found in Biofilm which can’t be destroyed by a safe level of chemicals.

The Enviro-Smart’s patented minerals work to break down and remove this bacteria. The minerals in the pool actively loosen the biofilm, allowing it to be easily filtered out. Now that the hidden bacteria is exposed, a special mineral convertor destroys it. This is a much safer removal method than harsh chemicals used in common pools.


The Blue Haven Mineral Pool is therapy available in your backyard. There’s no need to go to an expensive day spa or masseuse to feel the rejuvenating effects of a full-body treatment.

The unique formula soothes the body, providing it with benefits that last beyond your swim. Clearer skin, a reinvigorated body and the alleviation of stress are benefits you can expect with the mineral pool.


Innovation and creativity have driven us since our beginning.

We’ve developed the Enviro Smart Mineral Pool for you to enjoy the pleasure of a backyard pool while minimising the impact upon the environment and maximising the remarkable benefits of minerals.

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