How does it Work?

How liberating does it feel to take control of your pool buying experience? Thanks to Blue Haven Pools, for the first time in world history you can now order your concrete pool online. These deals are strictly online and not offered unless secured online.

So how does it work?

  1. It’s easy – simply choose the package that best suit you most. Don’t worry you can make changes later including pool size, depth, features and customisation.
  2. Reserve your construction time slot if you know when you want to build
  3. Within 24 hours we’ll tee up your one-on-one planning session on site, in showroom or virtual. Here we finalise your construction estimate based on site conditions and feature customization
  4. If you’re not entirely happy with the price guide you’ll get a 100% refund on your reservation fee
  5. But if you love our price, service and presentation well action the architectural drafting, engineering and final agreement.


Reserve your package today,

nominate the month you want to start, and within 24 hours we’ll reconnect and help you achieve your pool goals!

The advertised price is for a fully built concrete pool on a standard flat level block with enough access for our standard excavator to get into the backyard.

The price includes your tailored deal inclusions, custom design, drafting plans, permit preparation, excavation, steel fixing, concrete, filter, pump, skimmer box, returns, all your cleaning accessories and start up chemicals, pebble Crete interior, laying of your pool coping, on site equipment demonstration, total project management and GST.



What we don’t price is

Council / Certifier fees
Lots of people already have a permit with their house approval. So we don’t include it in the price but we do offer the best permit rates in the market place.

Soil removal
This cost can vary due to suburb, site levels, size of long haul truck, traffic control and lots of larger sites choose to retain all the soil to help level out. So we don’t include it in the price but we have sourced the best long haul soil removal rates in the
market place.

Variable material choices and design configurations can vary the price We let you deal direct with your local fencer or one our hand-picked recommendations and they often give the best price and service.

Electricals and Gas Services
Most need a site specific solution which can mean a new circuit, a long run, a short run… And Some people already have a power point ready to go.

Coping Material
You choose the bullnose material and we lay it for you included in our price. There’s many options with material – porcelain, travertine, granite,, sandstone. We have wonderful connections with suppliers or you can go shopping locally. You supply – we lay

Filtration enclosure
Local Government want to see pool pump enclosed so it’s important to plan for an enclosure of some sort. This is part of your overall landscaping vision so we leave this to you. We have lots of ideas if needed.

These listed items are required for complete construction and we’ll guide and manage the entire process.

If you prefer a fixed price, turn key solution we can help with the lot!

Take this small step today, enjoy the savings and we’ll tailor the project to cater for as little or as much as needed.

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