Five Epic Pool Design Tips From Our CEO

October 31, 2021

Did you know that 2.7 million Australian households have pools in their backyard?

And more than 25 per cent of the 10 million Australian households consider pools as a quintessential part of their homes?

Swimming has been synonymous with Australian culture and identity and now that two-thirds of Australians are staying at home, many saw the value of having a pool in their property even more. 

When it comes to installing one, choosing between concrete or fibreglass is a common dilemma but homeowners who prioritise the design and overall look of the pool usually go with concrete because it is highly customisable.

Concrete pools give you complete control to build your dream pool to life. Envision starting your day with a soothing dip in your own backyard oasis with all the elements you want from the look and shape to colour and custom additions like ledges. Fun and serenity have never been more effortless. 

Over the years, pool designs have evolved significantly. For example, it has become more common for pool builders to use natural or handmade products for poolside paving. Other popular pool paving alternatives today are hardwood sleepers, stepping stones and lawns.

Pool builders have also looked into incorporating sustainability in pool maintenance. Before chlorine has been the standard way of cleaning pools but with the common complaints about its harsh effects, we’ve seen the rise of mineral pools. This reduces the need for chlorine by approximately 50% and requires minimal maintenance with a recurring expense of replacing mineral cartridge filters every season usually. 

A true icon of the pool construction industry, Blue Haven pioneered the Enviro Smart Mineral Pool Technology, taking the mineral pool to another level and accelerating pool sanitation and filtering technology. This revolutionary technology features state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees the purest mineral water possible all day long. What’s more is that it saves you approximately $800 in power, 12,000 litres of water, and 80% less in pool operational costs annually, offering the best value for your money.

Blue Haven has spent close to 50 years building pools for families across Sydney and has won over 350 industry design awards. We design pools with consideration to these three things: client, scope and budget. Our priority is to create pools that seamlessly blend into the architecture of the home and will effortlessly work in the everyday lives of our clients. We don’t use a design just because it’s trendy and this is one of our distinct characteristics, which we collectively call the “Blue Haven Difference”.

To come up with the best custom pool design for your space, here are some more tips from our boss lady CEO Remonda:


A great pool design starts with good preparation. Educate yourself by researching all the requirements you need for pool building and see if you need approvals. You can also refer to pool magazines or check the websites of professional pool builders to gain inspiration and ideas with your pool design.


When thinking about a pool within the scope of your garden, consider your journey first and foremost. A pool should complement your use of space, not intrude upon it. Additionally, choose colours and materials close to your house design for your pool as much as possible. It’s also best to feature bands of similar plants surrounding your pool as this will look better than a plethora of different species.


Less is more. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, simple pool design lines always work better than complex intricate shapes because it requires less maintenance thus raises your pool’s longevity. But if you want to make your simple pool more inviting and enjoyable, I recommend adding one, timeless feature. Pool light or a water feature like a blade waterfall, for example, can take your design and water experience to the next level and make your backyard even more vibrant. Relax your body and mind with the view of your glistening pool under the heat of the golden Australian sun and its soothing and cascading sounds.


You should work collaboratively with your pool builder to determine the dimensions of the space you have and the best pool design for you and your family.

Note: Choosing to work around the natural slope of your land can also save you money but that should not compromise functionality and overall appeal.  

Other points you need to keep in mind when determining size are:

  • The number of intended pool users and the primary purpose of the pool

  • A space for patio – if you have visions of grilling out on the weekends around the pool, or

  • If there are spaces left in your lot for outdoor activities once the pool has been installed

With some Aussies having small backyards and sometimes even having restricted access, plunge pools can be the best way to go. With a vision to ensure that every Australian family should be able to have a backyard oasis, our team pioneered the Freestanding Plunge Pool — the perfect solution for clients with sloping or confined spaces.


A pool is a huge personal investment and will serve you in more ways than one, whether as a sanctuary where you can recharge your soul after a long day at work or an entertainment space for family celebrations. So follow your heart. If you want to add dancing pool lights or a water slide, go for it!

By having a carefully thought pool design, every plunge will be a treat and you can have peace of mind because you know its aesthetic and functionality will last through the years. If you’d like to bring your vision of a vibrant pool to life, just call 13 20 25.  Or if you want to learn more about our pool package deals, just click here.

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