Six Sultry Pool Fence Designs

October 19, 2021

Whilst you need to follow rules, your pool fence doesn’t have to be boring 😉. There are a variety of sultry pool fence designs today that will allow you to not only fulfil safety requirements but also elevate your backyard’s overall aesthetic appeal.

steel pool fence

Keep it simple with a steel pole fence

Recently, Inside Out Magazine featured us in its September 2021 issue where our boss lady CEO Remonda shared her knowledge in the latest trends in pool design and technology alongside other experts in the same field in the article entitled “Swimming in Style”’. This included her thoughts on the latest in pool fencing. “We’re seeing an emerging trend for steel pole fencing, which is nothing like what we’re used to around pools – it can be curved, shaped and coloured,” Remonda said.  

If you would like a minimalist design for your pool fence whilst ensuring a safe plunge in the water, then this is a great option to consider.


Stylish glass pool fence

Be stylish with a glass pool fence

If you don’t want the view of your backyard to be impeded at all, a glass fence is your best option. A tempered glass fence is durable and impact-resistant and has a climb-proof design. Since the glass panels are made of modern toughened safety glass, it gives the entire fence a sleek, sophisticated look without compromising its durability and security purpose.  Be prepared for some foggy mornings when you won’t be able to see the pool and invest in a good cleaning solution to keep the glass barely noticeable.  Choose the right grade of glass fencing to avoid being rejected with your final O.C. because inferior glass panels can actually explode so the council brought in a new rule to provide a Glazing Certificate to confirm the fence is the right grade to suit Australian Standards.


old metal pool fence

Choose good old metal

Want a pool fence that can give you a timeless appeal whilst ensuring your safety? Metal pool fence is one of your best resorts if you’re prioritising aesthetics, cost and maintenance. The versatile nature of this material, coupled with high safety standards and low maintenance cost, makes it in demand amongst pool owners. Easy to keep clean, sturdy if it cops a soccer ball bashing, variety of colours and styling.


laser-cut screen fence

Add spice to your backyard with a laser-cut screen fence

Technology empowers us in several ways with the ability to customise the print of your pool fence as an epitome of this. A laser-cut screen is a great choice if you want to give your pool a stylish and unique look. It can also be manufactured to almost any design and to suit the requirement of Australian Pool Safety Standards (AS1926.1 – 2012).  This is also a really fabulous way to extend your boundary fence if it’s under the 1.8m height requirement when using it as a pool barrier.


hardwood posts

Be distinct with hardwood posts

For a completely different approach to pool fencing, you can add a natural finish to Jarrah sleepers, a type of Australian tropical hardwood, and install them at slightly varying heights. This creates privacy and brings a nature-oriented look that your family and visitors will love. Its neutral colours also make it suitable for a wide array of pool lights and water features.


black metal pool fence

Be classic with a black metal pool fence

With the simple design of this pool fence, you can maintain and decorate much easier whilst enjoying a complete view of your backyard. You can either use steel or aluminium as the material for this type of fence. The former is tough and can stand up well against elements whilst aluminium is lightweight and impervious to corrosion.


Blue Haven has spent close to 50 years building pools for families across Sydney with over 100 years of combined experience and 350 industry design awards under our name.  We guarantee excellence in every aspect of pool construction, from innovation and design to quality and functionality. You deserve the right builder by your side, helping you make the best choices from day one.

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