Why 2021 Big Brother VIP Australia Was Hotter Than Ever and The Top 4 Elements to Create a Luscious Plunge Pool

November 30, 2021

Did you know that we were part of Big Brother Australia VIP? 😮

Amongst the stunning spaces at the Big Brother Hotel, the show’s location and first-ever luxury hotel located in Sydney Olympic Park, are stylish lounges, a modern deck, a spa and guess what?

A Blue Haven swimming pool!

YES, we were one of the exclusive suppliers of the star-studded latest instalment of Big Brother Australia and we were truly humbled and proud! 

We all know that the most intimate conversations often happen in and around the outdoor area and with our glistening Blue Haven pool evoking a sultry vibe, this was exactly where things got heated!


Big Brother VIP Blue Haven swimming pool supplier


Big Brother Australia invited 12 VIPs to take a vacation from their celebrity lives and be part of a once in a lifetime experience. The elite group was at the mercy of Big Brother’s game for 22 days as they vied to win $100,000 for their nominated charity. 

The stellar season aired its final episode last 23rd November with Reality TV star Luke Toki crowned as the winner. 

Some of the VIPs the show had included former Olympian and Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Caitlyn Jenner, Meghan Markle’s estranged half-brother Thomas, and Married At First Sight Australia star Jessika Power.


How to Design a Plunge Pool That Evokes a Sultry Vibe

Would you also like your pool to evoke a sense of romanticism? You are exactly where you should be 🥰

Plunge pools have grown in popularity in recent years with a growing number of Australians having backyards that are either small, have restricted access, or with a sloping block. 

With this epic pool type thoughtfully designed to be smaller yet still versatile just like their traditional full-size counterparts, homeowners can allocate more budget for elements and decorative touches in and surrounding the outdoor area to create that luscious sanctuary you can call your own. 

Design is endlessly inventive but if you’re particularly aiming for an alluring visual impact, our CEO Remonda Martinez who is highly respected for her formidable talent in design has narrowed down the list of elements you need to consider to bring your vibrant vision of a sexy, mysterious, and contemporary wonderland to life.


Swimming pool with glass fence and outdoor gas heater


There’s something about firepits that immediately heighten the appeal and sexiness of a backyard space. It evokes a palpable sense of passion and creates an intimate atmosphere that sparks friends and family to start meaningful conversations or even set the mood for solitary moments, all whilst helping ease the chill of the night or cold season. 

Firepits are truly great additions to your pool but like all other elements, make sure it seamlessly blends with your entire architecture. You can learn more about the different types of firepits, local building codes, where to place them, material to use, and fire safety tips in this article we made previously. 


Swimming pool with glass fence and nice lounge area

Poolside lounge

Beautiful bodies lying on a glorious sun-kissed day or guests engaging in intimate conversations on moonlit nights. 

Pools change the way we live and with a perfectly-oriented lounge area, soaking under the warm sunshine, sharing lovely moments with your partner or even taking time alone with your thoughts become an everyday indulgence. Here are some of the best practices and tips when designing a sexy poolside lounge

  • Make sure it allows smooth passage of people 
  • Should be placed where the sun beats down the best 
  • Deck chairs and sun loungers should always face the pool so you can appreciate the view and design 
  • Avoid fruit trees as they attract insects and those with bulky roots. Incorporate broad-leaved evergreen bushes, plants with thorns, or potted plants instead as they are more manageable. 
  • Use outdoor furniture with light materials like aluminum and synthetic rattan. 
  • Poufs are good outdoor furniture to consider as they are washable, resistant to mould, water repellent, and resistant to ultraviolet rays and climatic agents.
  • Pergola or canopy is good to consider in providing shade. Depending on your space, installing a gazebo can also add dynamism to your backyard. 
  • Timber decking can add a nice contrast if the rest of the decking is done with pavers. 
  • The most common choices for flooring are treated wood, outdoor tiles, and concrete. Mosaic floors are also growing in popularity as they transform your backyard into art masterpieces. 

For more tips, read this article


Swimming Pool Designs Inspiration - 95

Water feature

A water feature that complements your home and pool’s architectural style is a sure-fire way to add not only drama but also depth, beauty, dimension, and movement to your backyard space. Water in motion gives you the ultimate water on water experience by engaging your senses. Bask in serenity whilst capturing the pleasant sounds of water flowing over the edges or take a look at it whilst reflecting on your day. 

There are over 50 water features you can choose from but the most popular ones are water walls, waterfalls, fountains, deck jets, scuppers, and sun pods. Here are some of Remonda’s tips when installing water features: 

  • Make sure that a fountain or fixture is not too monumental for the size of your pool and yard.
  • Curvilinear, naturalistic-shaped pools go well with water features with rocks, real or faux. 
  • A modern or rectangular-shaped pool is best with water features with simple aesthetics
  • Unless it is a very basic water feature, hire a pool builder, electrician, plumber, or pool technician for installation. 
  • Include piping in the build for water feature even if you’re not ready to install it just yet to make your life easier. 


owning a swimming pool

Pool lights

Using pool lights strategically will help you add that sense of drama or mysterious vibe you’re going for and transform your backyard into a magical space. This will help define and highlight your awe-inspiring water features and architectural elements. 

With the downsides of incandescent and halogen bulbs, LED lights have become the standard for pool lighting. 

Did you know that an LED light can produce the same amount of light as a 100-watt halogen bulb while using only six watts of power?

And as they have a higher frequency, the light they emit is perceived as brighter and bluer by the human eye? 

Here are the different types of LED lighting you can use in and around your pool: 

  • Flush-Mounted Underwater – They are built into the wall itself and don’t protrude. Easiest to install while pool construction is ongoing.
  • Surface-Mounted Underwater – They stick out beyond the pool wall. Can be added after pools have been completed. 
  • Submersible – If you like taking the DIY route, this is the best option as these lights do not require any installation.  Just let them sink to the bottom of the pool and you’re all set. 
  • Pool Garden Lighting – This encompasses barn lights, pathway lights, step lights, spike lights, string lights, bollard lights, lantern lights, and deck lights.
  • Flood Lighting –  Remonda recommends this to illuminate large sections of your outdoor space.


Final Words

Pools are wonderful additions to any Australian home and designing it according to your wishes is key to maximising this valuable personal investment. 

With over 70,000 pools built and winning more than 350 industry design awards, we are ready to show you a different way of bringing your vision of a sexy outdoor area to life when you are. 

You can view our pool package deals HERE or call us at 13 20 25. 

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