How to Maintain an Ideal Pool Temperature

March 9, 2020

During a hot day in Australia, there is nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in a swimming pool. However, when the water in your pool feels as warm as your bathtub, then you can’t cool off as effectively as you’d like. Fortunately, there are ways to get your pool back to its ideal, cool and refreshing temperature.

Even though dumping huge ice blocks may seem like a good idea, it is quite expensive, and the effects are only temporary. Here are some more practical ways to maintain the ideal temperature so that you can get back to enjoying your swimming pool.


Keep the Pool Water Moving

A beautiful yet highly functional feature like a decorative waterfall or fountain can help keep your pool cool. There are multiple options available to suit your preferences and help keep your pool cool for a refreshing swimming experience.

Consider turning off the fountain during the day when there’s a lot of heat and instead switch it on at night or later in the day to help circulate more cooling air in the water. Keep in mind that if the fountain is on when it’s too hot outside, then it could make your pool warmer.


Cover the Pool

Covering your pool when it’s not in use will not necessarily lower the water temperature drastically, but it should prevent the heat from rising. If your current pool water temperature is what you want, then ensure you maintain it by making sure the pool cover is on any time you aren’t using it.

Fitted pool covers are reasonably priced and easy to install. They will keep your water as cool as you like, and most are very straightforward to use, as well. Pool covers also provide the additional benefit of preventing debris from entering and dirtying your pool.


Install an Aerator

Adding a swimming pool aerator is also one way to maintain an optimal temperature. An aerator is a device that is installed onto the water return line, which then sprays water back into the pool as a fountain. The sprayed water cools down while in the air and lowers the overall pool temperature.

Aerators work efficiently and can lower the water temperature by a couple of degrees, making a noticeable and massive difference. They work best in drier climates. However, just like fountains, aerators work best when used at night or when the weather is cooler. If your swimming pool has several return lines, then you can install multiple aerators to provide extra cooling.


Plant Some Trees for Shade

A simple way to have a refreshing pool is to set up some shade. Plant trees around your pool to add that natural cooling benefit over time. However, remember that you that you’ll have to deal with cleaning out leaves at some point, which shouldn’t be such a bad trade-off.

Remember not to get too carried away when landscaping your pool area. That is because excessive foliage around your pool could potentially limit air movement around your pool, leading to warm water temperature.

By using these tips, you should be able to keep your pool at an ideal temperature and enjoy a more refreshing pool experience that you’ll love. Call Blue Haven today on 13 20 25 for some pool cooling features or new pool installations.

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