Benefits of Using a Pool Cover All Year Round

March 9, 2020

Pool covers are one of the best accessories to install in your swimming pool. The cover helps to keep bugs and garden debris away from your pool. However, there are many other advantages of covering your pool all year round when you aren’t using it. Read on to discover the many benefits of using a swimming pool cover.


Keeps Out Dirt and Debris

A pool that doesn’t have a cover is vulnerable to pollution by all sorts of dirt and debris. Anything from shedding trees and shrubs, insects, and bugs, among others, can quickly enter the pool.

If the debris or leaves aren’t promptly removed, then they could cause algae or bacteria growth. Your pool could even become unusable due to the chemical imbalance, and you’ll have to spend time fishing out random objects every time you want to

go for a swim. You can avoid any inconvenience by using a fitted pool cover all year round. That way, you have more time to enjoy swimming, without having to chase down debris in your pool.


Limit Water Usage

While evaporation occurs throughout the year, your pool typically loses water at a higher rate during hot days, particularly in summer. However, having a cover installed will prevent the heat from causing rapid evaporation. It will also trap the moisture; thus, minimising evaporation, which means you won’t have to refill the pool as regularly.


Saves Money

Pool covers are a smart investment as you will start experiencing some huge savings almost instantly. For instance, the reduced evaporation rate means less water for refilling your pool, which reduces your water costs.

Besides saving on water costs, a pool cover will also help you save on heating costs. Keeping your pool covered reduces heat loss during the night, which means you won’t need to use your pool heating system as frequently.


Less Time and Resources on Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is not the most enjoyable task. Most pool owners would love the opportunity to minimise time spent on tasks like vacuuming or rebalancing their pools. With a proper pool cover in place, you will reduce the time you spent on those everyday pool maintenance duties.

When rain, leaves, and other debris cause a pool imbalance, adding chemicals is essential to restore the pool to its healthy state. However, with the cover protecting your pool, it is less likely for chemical imbalances to occur. Thus the pool chemicals needed to maintain your pool all year round is less likely to be unbalanced. Nonetheless, always monitor your pools pH level to ensure they are optimal.


Helps to Improve Safety

Some pool covers will even help prevent people from accidentally falling into your pool, provided they’re installed and attached correctly. Nevertheless, for such heavy covers, you will need an automatic or manual track system for ease of use.


Pool covers are invaluable for any pool. If possible, get automatic covers that can be operated easily using a convenient remote. Whether you use an automatic or manual pool cover, you stand to gain all the benefits mentioned here all year round.

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