Top Pool Furniture Trends for 2022

June 10, 2022

When it comes to turning your backyard into your dream getaway, the possibilities for creating something exquisite to your home are limitless. As homeowners try to look for their place in the sun, you’re one step ahead since you already have a dreamy pool you can reinvent and design however you please.

The most recent pool furniture trends incorporate the comfort, convenience, and style found in home interiors. With these top trends for 2022, you can maximise the potential of your outdoor living spaces.


Stylish and Upgraded Seating

Stylish and Upgraded Seating


This year, expect interior furniture trends to spill over into the outdoors. Curvy furniture styles and trendy textures like rattan, which are already popular in living rooms, are making their way onto poolside areas, patios, and porches.

According to Wayfair’s report, there has been a significant increase in search interest for both outdoor egg chairs and bistro chairs, indicating that basic pool furniture is getting a stylish upgrade. To capitalise on this 2022 trend, look for rounded forms and woven textures in outdoor seating and accent pieces.


Mesh Accents

Mesh Accents


Mesh accents, the newest product of the ’70s revival, are back with a twist. Metal cutouts and finely woven rattan add texture to sleek silhouettes, modernising this retro design element.

To mesh things up, look for pool furniture with muted colours, perforated patterns, open weaves, rope and rattan, and sculptural silhouettes. Lounge by the pool in modern style and comfort with mesh lounge chair sets made of durable mesh fabric wrapped around a wicker and iron frame that’s perfect for tanning and enjoying the outdoors.


Floral Motifs

Is there anything more uplifting than a blooming poolside garden? We don’t think so. It’s no surprise that bright, vibrant flowers will be popular in 2022.

Floral motifs are still popular in pool furniture design. This time, we’re seeing a more visually striking approach – a vibrant and striking homage to nature. Bring this fun trend to your backyard with vibrant colours, floral textiles, unique accent chairs, and painted ceramics that will certainly add personality to your pool area.

The trend for vibrant blooms is closely related to the trend for cottage gardens and wild gardens. Mix and match your planters and have a romantic bench seat nearby to enjoy the show.


Futuristic Elements

Futuristic Elements


When pool designers discuss trends and what makes up the incoming wave, they are talking about adding new products and styles as well as expanding existing ones. While innovation proliferates today, many of the must-have in-pool elements, including swim up bars, rain walls, or spas, have been completely redefined through increased accommodation, engineering, and accessibility.

The sun shelf or tanning ledge is another in-pool staple that is riding a futuristic wave. Designers are seeing this feature become more popular as a result of new design and the addition of seating for people of all ages. You can even see these features in luxury hotel pools across the globe.

Designer rain curtains are increasingly being used in pool designs to create a calming ambiance and to define spaces. To provide a sense of privacy and definition, you can incorporate a rainfall that falls from the overhanging ceiling between a deck-side television lounge and the pool’s swim-up bar. This feature can deliver a cool, refreshing, and peaceful vibe to your home retreat.

Get as creative, futuristic, and stylish as you want with these pool furniture trends that are set to make your outdoor space an even more calming and indulging private oasis. Need help building and designing your backyard pool? Contact us today and let’s discuss how to make it happen.

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