Important Pool Fence Compliance Facts

May 5, 2020

Boundary Barrier

The most common miscon- ception with swimming pool barriers relates to fences that are shared with your neighbour. Under the current Australian standard, boundary barriers must be 1800mm high and the NCZ or clear area is measured on the inside of the barrier.

In addition, retaining walls, objects or level changes that would otherwise reduce the height of a barrier within a property must be located at least 500 mm from the barrier.

Examples of objects that may not be compliant include climbable barriers, trees, shrubs, pool filtration equipment and garden sheds. These objects often need to be moved or modified.


Statistics show that over 90% of swimming pools fail the first inspection for compliance. There is no substitute for supervision of children at all times when swimming.


Glass Fence

Spigots used in a glass fence must be earthed.


Fence Checklist

  • Does the pool gate open away from the pool?
  • Is opening latch a min of 1500mm from the ground?
  • Does the gate self close and latch from any position and remain latched?
  • Are the hinges a min of 900mm apart or are there caps fitted?
  • Are both the barrier and gate a min of 1200mm high?
  • Are there any gaps in the barrier wider then 100mm?
  • Is there a clear area of 300mm on the inside of the barrier and 500mm on the outside?
  • Are there any climbable trees or objects within 900mm of the outside of the fence?
  • Does the barrier have any penetrations of 10mm or more that could be used for climbing?
  • Are any boundary fences used as the pool barrier a minimum of 1800mm high?
  • Do you have a current CPR chart installed?

NCZ Boundary Fence Compliance


Definitions Of Non Climbable Zones

NCZ1 is a 900mm vertical plane on the outside face of a barrier.

NCZ2 is a quadrant on the outside of a barrier created by a 900mm radius down from the top of NCZ1. NCZ3      is a quadrant on the outside of a barrier created by a 900mm radius up from the top of the barrier.

NCZ4 is required on all barriers with vertical openings 10mm to 100mm in width and is a 900mm high x 300mm wide deep rectangular space on the inside of the barrier.

NCZ5 applies to all 1800mm boundary barriers only and is the quadrant on the inside of the barrier created by a 900mm radius down from the top of the boundary barrier.


NCZ Boundary fence and compliance diagram

Checklist for pools built or installed after 1/05/2013 – Australian Standard AS1926.1 – 2012

While all care has been taken, the information contained within this brochure is to be used as a guide only and does not list all swimming pool barrier compliance requirements. A full list of the requirements can be found in the Swimming Pool Act 1992, Swimming Pool Regulation 1998 and the applicable version of Australian Standard AS1926 relevant to your swimming pool. Blue Haven Pools, its employees, agents and other representatives will not accept any liability suffered or incurred by any person in connection with the reliance of the information contained within this brochure.

Boundary fence and compliance


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