4 Ways to Prep Your Pool Before Summer Starts

August 19, 2020

It’s sure to be a busy summer season for pool owners around Australia, with some COVID-19 restrictions potentially still in place to limit non-essential travel and social gatherings. As a result, many homeowners this year will choose to stay home and enjoy their own backyard.


That’s why it’s smart to start preparing your pool now, so you can spend your summer soaking up the sun and not stressing about maintenance or repairs. If you haven’t used your pool in a while, it might take some time to get everything ready before summer starts.


Take a look at these four ways to get your pool into summer shape so you can start the season with a splash.


Complete required maintenance

Regular maintenance is an essential part of pool ownership and needs to be done correctly to keep your family safe. Unfortunately, maintenance is overlooked in winter, when homeowners aren’t using their pools frequently (if at all).


Get started by adding the appropriate chemicals to your pool, making sure to check with your pool manufacturer if you aren’t sure what type of chemicals to use. Then, scoop out leaves and other debris, vacuum the bottom of the pool, and scrub the sides.


Next, check all of your pool equipment, including the pump and filter. Confirm that all of the parts are functioning properly, ensuring that they are clean and unclogged. Then, check if you have the appropriate amount of water in your pool. If not, now is the time to refill it.


Finally, test your pool water to ensure it has the right chemical levels. You can purchase a DIY kit to check your levels at home, or you can bring a sample into your local pool store.


Perform general upkeep

Once you’ve cleaned your pool, it’s time to perform other miscellaneous upkeep around your pool area. Start by checking your pool lights to ensure that they work properly or if they need to be replaced. Check that your pool cover is functional and doesn’t have any rips or tears. Finally, confirm that all of your fencing is still intact to comply with local regulations.


If you have landscaping in your pool area, you’ll also want to trim your trees and bushes so that the leaves and branches don’t get into your freshly cleaned pool. (Alternatively, you could choose to do this before you clean the pool.)


Prepare your pool toys and furniture

Next, pull your pool furniture out of storage and give it a deep clean before setting it up around your pool. Take a look at what you have already and decide if you’ll need to buy more chairs, tables or other outdoor furnishings. This is also an ideal time to replenish your supply of pool toys, floats and games to keep your family entertained through the summer.


Get the grill ready

Last but not least, it’s time to get your BBQ in good shape to feed your family all summer long. Take time to deep clean all areas of your grill, getting rid of the dirt and grime that’s accumulated over winter. Finally, check to see that all of your BBQ tools are in working order and load up on fuel.


Not only is a pool a stunning addition to any home, but it’s also a natural gathering place for friends and family to make memories together. If you’re thinking about upgrading your pool, get in touch with the experts at Blue Haven Pools today by calling 13 20 25.


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