Choosing your Coping Material

May 5, 2020

Pool Coping

Pool coping is the material used to finish the top edge of your swimming pool.


You are to provide the correct size material to suit this nominated coping width and will allow for a 50mm overhang. For example, a 200mm walkway will need a 250mm bull nose. This slight overhang will provide the right aesthetics for your interior lining to come up the wall and finish underside.

NOTE: It is important to not lay coping over 2 different structures.

Bond Beam & Tile Width

The width of bond beam and tile width have to suit each other:

  • 200mm bond beam – 250mm coping tile
  • 360mm bond beam – 400mm coping tile
  • 560mm bond beam – 600mm coping tile
  • 860mm bond beam – 600 + 300mm body paver

Tile Cutting

We don’t cut each tile to size by hand.

  • The cutting is required by factory when you order your tiles (from supplier)
  • Allow for wastage if planning for smaller cuts or specific Hand cuts required for free-form pool shape so you need to plan for wastage.


  • BULL NOSE OR ROLLED EDGE: Flat and smooth with a rounded edge at the Good for free-form pools.
  • REBATED BULL NOSE: Flat with a large rounded edge at the Good for diving from or for holding onto from inside the pool
  • SQUARE EDGE: Flat surface with no sharp Easier edge to get in and out of the pool with
  • DROP FACE OR REBATED SQUARE EDGE: This coping runs out flat then drops at a 90-degree angle over the water in an L – Classic and modern look. More decorative and perfect to modern formal pools.
  • Must be at least 50mm dropface.

Coping Process


Things to consider

  • DON’T plan to install fresh timber as your pool It will leach and stain your interior. Planning for a timber coping finish will require long weathering period to leach out before installation
  • DON’T buy large pavers that need to be cut by hand on Factory cut is best.
  • DON’T lay a paver over two different concrete structures or they will shift and crack due to variable expansion rates of the base concrete
  • DON’T be concerned about variable colours and textures and porous Most materials will naturally vary and this adds character.

Pools that are out of ground will be left with bare concrete on the outside of the shell. This is called a riser.

No external wall or coping riser finishes are included in most pool contracts and are to be dressed according to your landscape plans.


Choosing your material

When choosing material be sure to pick something non slip and heat resistant eg. PORCELAIN OR TRAVERTINE.


Grout & Silicon

Select a colour and supply with pavers. Waterline tile grout should be chosen to suit your interior cement colour. (white or off-white)

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