Why Should You Have A Concrete Pool?

March 5, 2015

It’s the swimming pool that gives you the freedom of choice – freedom to choose size, freedom to choose shape and freedom to design a swimming pool that is perfectly suited to your family’s needs.

Whether you’re looking to build a new pool on a sloping block, narrow block, standard quarter acre block or tiny urban parcel of land a concrete pool is your best choice. While your options are limited with other styles of swimming pools, a concrete pool gives you greater flexibility in terms of size, shape, accessories and finish.

Thinking of an infinity edged design suspended on the edge of a cliff? Sure thing. How about a plunge pool that is so deep you can barely touch the bottom? Easy. Or perhaps you’d like a wrap around pool design with sunken bar that integrates with the house? No problem! With its strength and versatility the sky is the limit with concrete pools.

Perhaps your requirements are a little less extravagant – like a beach entry, a deeper than standard end for diving, or built in water fountain. A concrete pool allows you to investigate these options that aren’t necessarily available with other pool designs.

The same goes for the surface of your pool – tiled, pebblecrete, and glass mosaic are all popular surface choices for modern day pools and are only available in concrete pools.

While the price is often more expensive than other swimming pool options, and the design, build and construction time more lengthy, the versatility a concrete pool offers means it is still the preferred type of swimming pool in Australia.

Increased competition and new technology advances though means concrete pools are still very affordable.

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