Winter Worries: Don’t Let a Dirty Pool Dampen your Spirits

May 11, 2015

Worried about the blustering winds of winter transforming your once glistening pool into a haven for leaves, dirt and bacteria? Fear no more: Blue Haven Pools understands the importance of pool water cleanliness in winter!

By putting in a little effort during winter, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort when summer rolls around. By maintaining some level of attention and care to your pool in winter, you are investing in a summer where you can enjoy your pool rather than deal with the results of a neglected winter. In fact, by following these listed simple steps, things should go swimmingly next summer!

Here are a few pointers for keeping a fresh flow of water to your pool and ensuring its pristine condition is retained even in the heart of winter:

  1. Superchlorination, or ‘shock dosing’ involves adding a high volume of chlorine to the water. This prevents the build-up of chloramines. It is important to do this prior to and during winter in order to maintain fresh water. Don’t forget to run the pump for a few hours after adding the product in order to ensure an even distribution.
  2. Cover your pool in winter. This will stop debris from polluting the pool water. It also prevents evaporation, and will thus save you a few dollars on your next water bill. It is important, however, to regularly remove the cover to allow the flow of oxygen to the pool and prevent the formation of algae.
  3. Another crucial ingredient in pool maintenance is the balance of the water. If a pool’s pH level is not between 7.2 and 7.6, the pool will need to be treated.
  4. Other seemingly simple, albeit commonly forgotten, keys to keeping your pool-water clean in winter are thoroughly cleaning the pool and the filter, and running the filter three to four hours each day.

Blue Haven Pools are Australia’s largest pool builders. Blue Haven Pools offer a complete range of backyard pools, including vinyl lined aboveground pools, fibreglass pools and custom-built concrete pools. Blue Haven Pools also offer pool repairs and renovations such as: new copings and surrounds, filtration and sanitisation, water features, man-made rockery, timber work and landscaping and luxury interior finishes.

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