Why a swimming pool is at the top of Aussie home buyers wish lists

February 22, 2016

When it comes to buying a new home this spring, it’s not a swish kitchen or renovated bathroom that is topping buyers’ wish lists. According to recent figures from realestate.com.au it’s a swimming pool that most buyers want.

While practical additions such as off street parking got less than five per cent of the votes in the realestate.com.au survey and en suite bathrooms just 7.5 per cent, adding a swimming pool was high on home buyer’s and renovator’s wish-lists, with over 21 per cent saying a pool would be the way they’d go if money was no object.

So while some will argue that swimming pools don’t affect the value of your home, the truth is in today’s market they are a value adder.

With Australia’s warmer climate, homebuyers want outdoor living spaces, swimming pools and established gardens. In most markets a swimming pool is a luxury addition, a feature that can easily be marketed as a lifestyle benefit to families and couples. In fact, some homes in warmer climates are actually achieving less if they don’t have a swimming pool because they are such a must have item. Aussies love the outdoors and this is reflected in their buying habits and property wish lists.

If you are looking to sell your home this spring and you have a swimming pool, be sure that it is sparkling clean when buyers come through open home inspections. You want to make buyers feel as though the swimming pool will enhance their leisure time – not add to it. Make sure surrounding gardens are fuss-free and well maintained. Keep them simple and tidy. Ensure surrounding living areas are well furnished and set up to maximise on the swimming pool area and all of its benefits. The swimming pool should take centre stage.

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