Transform your saltwater swimming pool from green to sparkling clean!

February 17, 2016


Over the winter months it’s not uncommon for swimming pool maintenance to be at the bottom of our list of things to do. Cold winds and dark damp days leave little time for pool cleaning.

As a result, when the weather starts to warm up many swimming pool owners are faced with the challenge of transforming their pool from green to clean before it’s time to swim again.

Even for the greenest of pools, if you go to a swimming pool shop they are likely to charge you hundreds of dollars to come out and restore the water to a swim-worthy state. Likewise if you take your swimming pool water in for testing, it’s unlikely that you will walk away with any spare change from $100 after buying all of the chemicals.

Following is a surefire remedy to blast your saltwater or chlorine pool to remove the green tinge. All it will require is a little tinkering and testing to ensure the appropriate chemicals and levels are balanced.

Firstly give the swimming pool a good scrub with a brush along the bottom, walls and steps to remove any algae or growth. Scoop any debris or leaves from the surface of the water. If there is a lot of debris on the bottom of the pool, top the swimming pool water up with a hose and clean with a pool vacuum with the filter set to waste. This way you won’t clog up your filter with all of the junk on the bottom of the pool.

Once this is done switch your filter to backwash until the water runs clear. Grab two 15-litre drums of liquid chlorine and one and a half litres of liquid pool acid from your local swimming pool or hardware store. Run the filter and add all of the liquid chlorine to the swimming pool water. Add one and a half litres of liquid acid to the swimming pool half an hour later. The filter should run for another six hours afterwards.

Nine times out of ten this surefire method will produce clear water for your swimming pool. If not repeat and then throw in a few bags of salt. Take some samples to ensure the levels are back to normal.

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