Top tips for building your dream pool

May 10, 2016

While the weather may be cooling down, it’s actually the perfect time to start planning your dream pool so that you can be swimming in time for next summer.

But before you take the plunge there are a number of factors that need to be considered.

Here Blue Haven outlines the top tips to ensure you are swimming in your dream pool sooner.

How will you use your pool?
Do you plan on your pool being a relaxing haven or a place for elegant evening soirees? Will it be filled with kids splashing and playing or will it be a place to swim and exercise? All do you want all of the above? You need to relay the reasons behind installing a pool to your designer to ensure the end design meets everyone’s needs.

What is the overall look and feel you envisage for your pool?
There are more pool designs available today than there are re-run episodes of The Simpsons, so it’s important to research thoroughly to see what is on offer.

From simple plunge pools to elaborate rainforest inspired retreats, there is a swimming pool to suit almost any taste. Take into consideration the lay of the land and the surrounding home and landscape to be sure what you envisage will actually work with your existing or new home.

What is your budget?
There’s no point dreaming of an infinity pool with luxury inclusions if you have a minimal amount to spend. But that’s not to say you can’t build an amazing, modern pool for your home on a budget. Set an amount that you can afford and talk to your designer about what you can achieve for your budget. Often hidden costs can creep in so make sure there’s some wriggle room.

What type of construction do you want?
Pools come in all shapes, sizes, designs and materials these days so it’s important to work out which is best for you. Do your research on concrete, fibreglass and vinyl design options. All have their own benefits whether it be affordability, size, installation time or specific design allowances.

What filtration system will work best?
Once you’ve decided on construction type, you need to decide which filtration system will suit your needs best. There’s salt water pools, chlorine pools and mineral pools as well as natural filtration systems available, all providing its users with different benefits.

Landscaping and other bells and whistles
There’s more to a swimming pool than just the pool – landscaping, decking, lighting and feature add ons can add to the overall look, feel and functionality of your swimming pool. These extras will also add to the eventual cost so if you’re sticking to a tight budget, be sure to keep the cost of these in mind.

If you want help in planning your dream swimming pool, contact Blue Haven Pools today on 13 20 25.

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