Top Swimming Pool Upgrade Ideas

December 5, 2019

Are you no longer excited about spending time in your swimming pool? Do you smile when you think about going for a dip in your backyard? If not, then you’re probably finding your pool a bit dull and should consider a few upgrades to get your pool looking good as new.

Even the best-designed pool will likely become old-fashioned or outdated with time. A practical solution is to conduct some renovation works to add modern amenities or designs.

Here are some of the top swimming pool upgrade options to make your pool inviting again.


Consider a Modern Quartz Pool Finish

The pool plaster used in your pool will disintegrate with time. The result will be a surface that can scrape, scratch, or cut the skin, thus making swimming quite unpleasant. Fortunately, pool owners who are looking to renovate their plaster can choose modern finishes that provide both extended life and a more appealing look.

Renovating with the quartz pool finish is an especially excellent choice as this material provides greater resilience and strength to the interior of your swimming pool. Quartz resists scratches and chips a lot better compared to other pool surfaces. Meanwhile, quartz blends are available in a vibrant colour spectrum to achieve a beautiful interior finish.


Install a Spa

Being able to switch from your refreshingly cool pool into a hot spa in the evening is an exceptional feeling. You can get this benefit by adding a spa to your swimming pool. Provided you have enough space; you can easily have a spa installed directly into your pool as an attached, flowing piece.

There are numerous benefits of installing a spa alongside your pool; these include pain relief, stress reduction, enhanced property value, and heaps of fun moments. The attached spa option is ideal in this case as it will merely tap into the existing utilities and circulation systems. Moreover, for those who prefer cooling down and warming up in cycles, it is convenient to know that you can access both your spa and pool within a few steps.


Add Appealing LED Lights

The ambience, aura, and atmosphere of a well-lit night-time swimming pool are undeniable. Having proper pool lighting will also help in contributing to a safe swimming area. Today’s LED swimming pool lighting options allow you to extend the usage of your pool into the night cost-effectively. These lights also allow owners to customise the atmosphere and highlight architectural elements and water features around the pool.

So, adding some LED lights will enhance your pool by adding beauty, mystery, and drama. Regardless of the mood lighting effects that you choose, you can rest assured, knowing that the LED lights have an impressive energy efficiency rate. They will last for up to 50,000 hours, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon once they are installed.


Key Takeaways

For some pool owners, the idea of renovating their pool may sound like a tremendous job. However, in reality, it is quite straightforward and quick for a skilled pool renovations team. Moreover, you will end up with a swimming pool that looks new, along with several added benefits. The benefits include the newly restored inviting appearance, extended night-time usage, and the comfort of hosting guests around your beautiful pool for parties.


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