How To Throw The Perfect Pool Party

March 13, 2017

Three Top Tips For Throwing A Pool Party

For many Australians, childhood memories are filled with images of poolside fun and party games. Marco polo, inflatable banana relay races and diving for rings.

Fast forward to today when children’s parties are often lavish affairs, will a pool party really cut it for your little one?

Here Blue Haven provides some top tips on how to throw the perfect pool party that will be as memorable as it is fun.

Create a theme

Children love a themed party and a swimming pool provides the perfect backdrop to make your theme come to life.

A nautical theme always works well for a swimming pool party with plenty of stores offering pirate or sailing themed accessories.

Another favourite, although decades old, is the Disney classic The Little Mermaid, loved by both young and old. Create a Little Mermaid theme and take your party guests on an underwater adventure. Use toy crabs and star fish to decorate your swimming pool area, and add mermaid themed food and games such as treasure hunting. You can even buy mermaid fins for your guests to use so they can be just like Ariel.

Finding Dory is another great theme for a pool party sure to be loved by both the young and old. And both can easily be created with the help of your swimming pool and a few decorative items such as fish cut-outs and seaweed like streamers.

Games are key

The best thing about pool parties are the endless activities and games for party goers. Depending on your pool size, inflatable races are always a favourite. Divide partygoers into two teams and have them race laps of the pool in a relay with the winning team receiving a prize. Ring toss is another oldie but goldie and with prizes on offer the children will love it. A treasure hunt will provide some pool party fun with clues hidden around the swimming pool. The hanging donut game offers loads of poolside fun – hang a line of string across like a clothes line and then individually tie strings with cinnamon donuts. Have each guest place their hands behind their backs and the first one to finish eating their donut wins.

Hydrating party food and drinks

You can have a lot of fun with your pool party snacks and drinks. Decorate drinks with tropical umbrellas, serve a selection of refreshing tropical fruits and use beach themed cookie cutters and seashell molds to create tropical sweet and savoury treats. Homemade fruit popsicles and jelly cups are another pool party favourite. A swimming pool cake is the perfect accessory to top it off. Opt for plastic plates and cups so that there are no nasty accidents and remember to keep guests appropriately protected from the sun.

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