Spa Maintenance Made Easy

October 3, 2016

Keeping your spa in good condition isn’t too hard. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your spa lasts for years and that it will always be swim-ready when you feel the itch. Remaining vigilant goes a long way towards enjoying the crystal clear waters of your spa all year round.

Here are a few things you should get into the rhythm of doing to keep your pool in top knick:


Your spa’s pH balance is very important. The water needs to remain as close as possible to skin’s natural pH of around 7 – 7.8. Anything above or below this can cause serious problems for your spa and for you.

A high alkalinity will cause the pool to become cloudy and scale deposits to build up around the edges. On the other end of the spectrum, a high acidity will result in the water eating away at the spa liner and corrode the surface and equipment. A high acidity can also be harmful to the human skin.

Regularly checking your pH levels and adjusting accordingly guarantees that your spa will be ready to use all year round. Blue Haven has pH testing kits available so you can stay on top of the water quality of your spa.


The filtration of your spa is a daily process. To keep your water quality at it’s best, the filter should be running for a minimum of four hours a day. If you’re an avid spa user then it should be running for even longer.

Maintaining your filter involves regularly cleaning the filter cartridges. Use a chemical cleaner to thoroughly clean your filter cartridges rather than running water over them to clean. Make sure they’re dry before adding them back to the mechanism.

Cleaning and degreasing the pipes on a regular basis is also recommended.


Keeping on top of the quality of your spas water is a must. Sanitisation is necessary to keep contaminants at bay. Chlorine usually does the job and will make certain your spa water stays healthy. A successful sanitiser will:

  • Kill contaminants (fungi, bacteria, etc)
  • Oxidise *Note: Some sanitisers might not fully oxidise your spa, using an ozonator to oxidise first might be necessary
  • Prevent re-infection
  • Create a healthy swimming environment for longer


It’s absurd to think that you can keep your spa totally clean forever. At some point it’s going to get a little dirty, what with sweat, bugs and even makeup seeping into the water. This and more has the potential to contaminate a spa, fortunately oxidising your spa can completely sanitise these pollutants.

Oxidising your spa water once every two weeks, or more if you frequently use it, will break down the contaminants. Using an ozonator provided by Blue Haven pools will help remove the organic and inorganic materials that enter your spa.

Also, once a spa has been oxidised it makes it easier for sanitisers to work.


If your alkaline levels get too high, then your water can become cloudy if not treated. This might be the result of multiple things:

  • Regular use
  • A dirty broken or insufficient filtration system
  • The weather
  • Poor sanitisers – possibly in need of an oxidiser
  • Phosphate contamination – perhaps in need of a phosphate starver

A clarifier brings smaller particles in the pool together to form a larger aggregate that can be sucked up by the filter. By adding a clarifier regularly, you’ll stop water from becoming cloudy and be able to enjoy the crystal clear water of your spa.

For more tips and advice on maintaining your spa through the seasons, contact your Blue Haven specialists. We can give you the tools you need to look after your spa and pool for years to come.

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