Save Water With Your Swimming Pool

April 2, 2017


Pool owners are increasingly investing in technologies that reduce water consumption in attempt to save money and reduce their home’s carbon footprint.

Water saving tools aim to reduce maintenance costs and increase a swimming pool’s efficiency and lifespan. These products promote sustainability, reduce running costs and maintenance requirements for an all-round better swimming experience.

Affecting most Aussie pool owners, water evaporation and conservation is a hot topic, particularly in the warmer months. Regardless of which suburb you live in, the benefits of conserving water are both environmental, financial and physical.

Blue Haven Pools’ Enviro Smart Swimming Pool technology is one way Australian pool owners are slashing energy and operating costs by up to 80 per cent and reducing their water waste by up to 12,000 Litres each year.

With its innovative technology and filtration system, the Enviro Smart Swimming Pool gives you a fresh feeling like you’ve never had before. Harnessing the riches of nature’s ocean and mineral lagoons and delivering it straight to your swimming pool.

Virtually maintenance-free, the Enviro Smart Swimming Pool incorporates minerals that break down bacteria and biofilm so it can be easily filtered out.

In short, the pool water ends up cleaner with less upkeep, less running costs and a more superior water quality.

Energy and water efficient appliances can also be incorporated in landscaping, lighting and surrounding pool entertaining areas and kitchens to further reduce your carbon footprint.

The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) helps consumers to select water efficient appliances and fittings for the home, garden and swimming pool.

The user-friendly grading system starts at zero stars and stops at six – the more stars on the label, the more water efficient the product – making it easy to compare how effective products are at reducing water consumption throughout the day.

Contact Blue Haven Pools today on 13 20 25 for more energy efficient and water saving ideas for your pool.

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