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August 28, 2018


What kind of swimming pool would you like for your home? Do you want something clean and modern or something more natural-looking? Many homeowners lean towards the tropical lagoon style of in-ground pool designs. They contain infinity edges, artificial waterfalls, rock gardens, and little rock islands. Throw in some landscaping and you have a swimming pool fantasy right in your backyard. Every swim will feel like a holiday resort in Fiji or Hawaii. And it’s all yours, all day, every day.

Start by hiring the right team. Here at Blue Haven, we offer all kinds of pools in both standard and customised set-ups. We can sell you a moulded fibreglass pool or a poured concrete pool. We’ll start by visiting your home and discussing your vision, the available space, and your budget. We’ll draft a pool design at no cost, and you can submit it to your local council for approval before we ever charge a cent or start your pool build.

Free pool design

Design considerations include size, shape, direction, and material of the pool casing. You can also select your sterilisation option – chlorine, salt capsules, or mineral cartridges. Your rock features will work in tandem with both your hardscaping and landscaping. Your only barrier is creativity, so you could start by doing a Google image search and pointing out styles that appeal to you. One interesting option is to replace pool steps or ladders with a rock path that leads into the water. We’ll use low-slip rocks to avoid injuries.

Another popular feature is a rock island right in the middle of your pool. It can make a nice spot for a bar or alfresco dining area, with arches and rivulets passing beneath it. This only works for large pools or moat-style pools that go all around the house. Smaller rock islands are enough for one or two swimmers to sun themselves. A more conventional feature involves rock overhangs that offer diving platforms. Check that they’re on the deeper side of the pool, so there’s enough water to support jumpers.

Slip and slide

We can also build in rock slides filled with gushing water. The slide may need extra care though, to ensure it doesn’t accumulate moss or fungi, and the water must flow consistently to avoid stagnant puddles that could attract mosquitoes and waterborne pests. You could use natural stone and rocks for your poolside coping as well. Extend the ‘wild’ feel towards the house by paving pool-facing balconies, doors, and windows with similarly styled rocks.

We’ll work with landscapers to select the type of plants that will bring the best out of your poolside rock features. We can also utilise rock features to create dramatic infinity edge effects, and to provide shaded pool sections where you can rest when it gets too hot. The beauty of rock features is they continue to boost your yard’s aesthetics even when your pool is closed for the winter. For such cases, we can get you a pool cover that blends with your rocks. We can even build fountains and showers into your rock platform.

For stylishly natural rock features and other swimming pool features, call Blue Haven Pools today on 13 20 25.

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