Rain, rain, go away…

May 12, 2016


The summer sun and warmer weather is slowly becoming a distant memory and in its place have come the Autumn winds and rain.
Rain though is not a swimming pool’s best friend, and can cause havoc on water quality.

The biggest problem caused by excessive wind and rain is green pools and a constant flow of dirt and debris lurking on the pool’s surface.

And even though it may not be optimal weather for swimming, it’s still important to keep your swimming pool in tip top shape to avoid any major problems with your filtration system down the track.

Heavy rain dilutes pool chemicals, especially salt and chlorine levels which in turn causes the pool to turn green. This means the water is not sanitised or healthy and it’s vital to address this.

Swimming pool water needs to be regularly re-balanced and this is best achieved by doing a DIY test with a water sample in a home testing kit, or bringing a sample into your local pool store.

To reduce the amount of debris on the pool’s surface, drop the water level to below the top of the weir door so the weir door and skimmer basket can skim the surface.

For debris that has dropped to the bottom of the pool, scoop out as much as possible, then use chemicals to “blast” the pool and flush out any nasty visitors. Left over dirt can then easily be vacuumed away.

Top tips for treatment during windy and rainy weather

  • If the pool is particularly dirty, increase the time your filter is operating each day until the pool is clear. The time is dependent on the size of the pool.
  • In times of heavy rainfall it is advised to add algaecides to the water to kill algae, as this along with other chemicals can be diluted by the extra fresh rainwater.
  • Check your salt and chlorine levels.
  • Use the extra water in your pool as an opportunity to backwash your pool.
  • Check and empty the skimmer basket and the hair and lint filter located in front of the pump to ensure they are clear of debris, as they can tear when they get too full.
  • If the pool water starts to turn green, an algal bloom is developing and you should consult with a pool technician about how to address this.

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