Pool Safety Tips this Summer

December 18, 2019

Nothing’s better than splashing away in the pool in the sizzling hot Australian summer. Swimming is a wonderful way for families and friends to bond, have fun, and capitalise on the warm weather.

However, it’s critical to follow essential water safety procedures to prevent unnecessary injuries or more serious incidents. As temperatures continue to soar, remember to use these pool safety tips shown below:


Teach Kids How to Swim

Do your children know proper swimming techniques? When kids learn swimming, they are more comfortable in the water and can understand essential safety rules.

Fortunately, many local organisations offer swimming lessons for kids and adults. Ensure that you practice swimming often so that kids can enhance their skills. That is why it’s great to have your home pool where you can practice with them at any time.


Never Leave Kids Unattended

Stay within reach of your kids every time your family is around the pool. No kids should be left alone at the pool. Even with older kids, it is still helpful to supervise them.


Drink Water

When you are staying cool in your pool all through the day, it is easy to forget that you’re losing fluids. Dehydration can cause various symptoms like headaches and cramps. These symptoms could affect your ability to swim, which could result in accidents. So remember to have water breaks and ensure that kids are keeping hydrated at all times.


Apply Sunscreen

An essential, yet often overlooked pool safety tip, is applying sunscreen. Any time you leave you’re home, you should always lather up on sunscreen, especially here in Australia

Reapply your sunscreen every three hours or so, and also wear sunglasses when not in the pool for eye protection. Bathing suits and floppy hats also help to protect your skin from harmful sun damage.


Learn CPR

Having that critical CPR knowledge will give you the skills you need to administer life-saving medical procedure in case of an emergency. If someone unfortunately drowns or has an accident around the pool, you can use CPR to quickly resuscitate them and keep them alive while you wait for help to arrive.


Keep Kids Away from the Pool Drains

The suction generated by the pool drain is a lot stronger than people think. Thus, if it were to get hold of kid’s hair, bathing suit, or jewellery, it could even trap them below water.

Teach your kids the importance of not playing near the drains. That way, they avoid the potentially strong suction effect that drains have.


Keep a Strict Maintenance Schedule

Reduce the likelihood of skin rashes and earaches by regularly testing and adjusting the chemicals in your pool. Try and do those maintenance duties on a steady schedule.

Pool chemicals and cleaners should also be stored safely in a dry, cool spot that is not under direct sunlight. They shouldn’t be easily accessible by kids and pets too.

Lastly, most pool injuries occur when entering or exiting the pool. So, learn the safe ways of using the ladder or steps to minimise the risk of injury. With these simple safety tips mentioned above, your swimming pool will be an enjoyable and safe place this summer.


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