Colour Me Happy – Pool Colours That Are On Trend

April 5, 2017


When it comes to pool surface colours there are a kaleidoscope of hues on offer. From traditional blues and greens through to modern blacks and neutrals there is a colour option for everyone.

And colour choices aren’t limited to the type of pool surface you choose – there are an array of colour choices for concrete, bead or pebble and tile surfaces, as well as fibreglass and pebblecrete.

But which surface colour is going to create the desired effect you are seeking?

While most would think that if you are after a blue look for your swimming pool then you would simply choose a blue tile or colour surface. While there certainly is some relationship between the interior surface colour and the appearance of the water, a range of factors affect the perceived colour of the water in a swimming pool. Working with colour in the presence of water is actually a little more complex and has a lot to do with the way optical physics works in water.

Water is clear and when placed in a pool it does not necessarily assume the colour of its surroundings but rather interacts with light which can change the appearance of a swimming pool’s perceived colour. For example, shallow water does not have as much of a filtering effect than it does in deep water which often results in a pool looking a more intense colour in the deep end than that of the shallow end.

Other elements such as the colour of the sky, viewing angle, the surrounding environment including landscaping, decking and buildings can change the perceived colour of a swimming pool.

It is important to keep all of the above in mind when selecting a pool colour option.

With tiled swimming pools, the clever use of different colours and materials can create a stunning affect. Likewise, with fibreglass swimming pools while prefabricated in a limited choice of hues, they can be painted in a choice of colours. But as with anything there is no substitute for quality – while there are many DIY pool painting products available, it pays to get the professionals in.

For colour options for your swimming pool contact Blue Haven Pools today on 13 20 25.

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