Session 1

Time Schedule

Whilst we navigate the ever-changing rules around construction and travel restrictions we know that it’s important for us to get planning ahead! Our construction program for new builds is likely to be pushed beyond the expected time guidelines.

One of the changes we are making to simplify our process and adapt to a changing environment is moving most of the on-site face-to-face onboarding & pre-construction interactions online! But don’t worry, we have carefully created our E-Onboarding to be straightforward, easy to understand and follow. 🙂




Once your approvals are granted, we may need around 6-12 weeks to get started due to a construction backlog. Backlogs in our schedule have been caused by extended lockdowns (Covid-19), La Nina weather event, relentless rain, material shortages and labour shortages experienced industry wide.

Please note that you are responsible to provide us with access to amenities, power, water, waste bin at all times.


Any additional concrete or hard surfaces that you are planning around the pool or as part of landscaping should be noted and included in the plans for approval from Council or Certifier. Not showing these intended scope of works on the plans may mean additional delay and cost to the owner with the overall completion of the project.


There are a few options with the soil removal. If you require us to engage a contractor on your behalf can you please ensure the WASTE MANAGEMENT REMOVAL WAIVER document enclosed is marked and returned. Alternatively, the soil can be stockpiled on site adjacent the excavation for the owner to manage independently. 


Dewatering the pool is your responsibility. We recommend Bunnings or other retailers like Reece Plumbing if you want to get set up from day one. The excavation must be keep completely dry at all times and this dewatering must continue throughout the construction process when the shell has been sprayed. 


If you don’t already have temporary fence ordered with us, you will need to plan this in preparation to be erected on the day of excavation. Please note that the final occupation certificate and pool usage is not permitted until the permanent fence is erected so it’s a good time to plan for permanent safety fencing as soon the construction program is locked in.


There may be delays with tile supply from retailers as most stores are backlogged from months of lock down and also stock shortages. If you need any help with this or want to plan early, please let us know.

We have a wonderful range of FACT SHEETS & GUIDES on our website so please do head there for lots of great information regarding power, gas, filtration box enclosure, slab area, pool fencing guidelines and much much more. Head to  www.bluehaven.com.au/guides-insights/fact-sheets/

Our stunning industry first Display Centre in Lansvale is the perfect place for inspiration and ideas. Ask us about booking your 60min consultation for Pool Finishes! 

Let us know if you need any help with any other service in the lead up to the build or if you needed any concrete areas added to the plan.
In anticipation of the build, please complete the onboarding session presented here. Please check all of the tabs and fill out the acknowledgment form below.

  • Please e-sign - ACCESS & EXCAVATION WAIVER 
  • Please write here & return for review - SPECIAL CONDITIONS / BUILDER NOTES 


I acknowledge that I confirm and acknowledge everything stipulated on this onboarding session with Blue Haven Pools & Spas

IMPORTANT: Any information for site supervisor to be written here not via email.

The contract price may change under the following circumstances. 

Payment schedule for building works as contracted:

PAYMENT 1: Home owners warranty prior to excavation.
PAYMENT 2: Due upon delivery of steel bars and excavation by Builder or Customer on completion.
PAYMENT 3: Due on day of steel fixing completion.
PAYMENT 4: Due prior to laying tiles, equipment delivery & Interior. Make payment when tiles arrive on site & ready to book finishing trades. Shell finishes carried out once coping on site & pool fence erected.
PAYMENT 5: Due on day of Interior lining to book handover. Final O.C. is Customer responsibility and does not delay final payment.

Making contract payments

Contract and variation payments are due on the day by 4 pm. No invoices are sent.
You follow progress payments as per your written contract and any variations.
Do not commence construction if your finances are not in place and cleared funds.

Time schedule:

It is agreed that:

  1. The Customer engages the Builder to carry out and complete the pool/spa/associated works in
    accordance with the particulars set out in contract.
  2. The Customer agrees to pay the contract price and additional costs, if any, as allowed under the contract.
  3. The work site is a construction site and because of the dangers involved the Customer will comply with the Builders occupational, health and safety directions and will not, for the construction period, treat the site as anything other than a construction site.
  4. Parties of this contract and relations are not permitted to write an announcement, blog, public statement or article for publication without the Company’s permission.
  5. The Customer agrees to provide amenities, power, water and waste bin on-site at all times.
  6. The Customer agrees to provide unrestricted access for the duration of the build without Builder
    calling ahead for access.