• The objective was to craft a standout pool in Kirrawee that serves as the heart of the home, offering an innovative outdoor space for gatherings and entertainment.
  • The client’s vision was to achieve a luxurious aquatic feature that seamlessly integrates with both the outdoor and indoor living spaces, enhancing the property’s overall functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Ensured a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor environments, aligning the pool with the home’s architecture to maximise space and aesthetic harmony.
  • Considered the sun’s trajectory to optimise light reflection, creating a dynamic visual effect throughout the day.
  • Chose pale stone tiles for their durability, cool touch, and ability to complement the surrounding landscape and pool’s blue hues.
  • Partnered with Glazed Co. for glass fencing that combines safety with minimalism, adhering to Australian standards while maintaining visual flow. 
  • Selected weather-resistant furniture that offers both style and comfort, enhancing the outdoor leisure experience.
  • Integrated low-maintenance, climate-appropriate plant life to provide a tranquil and lush backdrop.
  • Added an artisanal outdoor shower, strategically placed for privacy and convenience, enriching the luxury pool experience.
  • Delivered a functionally advanced, aesthetically pleasing pool that exceeds the client’s expectations, on time and within budget.
  • Received positive feedback from the client, their guests, and neighbours, confirming the pool as a focal point for relaxation and social gatherings.
  • The project has set a new benchmark in the community for a strategic and bespoke outdoor oasis, promising enjoyment for many summers to come.

Note: A special shout-out to the Glazed Co. team for their epic photos of the pool—these images truly capture the essence of our combined efforts, beautifully showcasing the innovative design and luxury that the Kirrawee pool represents.

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