Luxury apartments making a splash with private balcony swimming pools

March 16, 2016



The rise in popularity of private balcony swimming pools has many apartment owners now living on the edge.

Once reserved for only the most elite properties, private balcony swimming pools are popping up in apartment designs across the globe.

One of the first to make a splash in the trend was Hong Kong-based architect James Law when he designed the skyscraping residential complex Aquaria Grande in Mumbai India. The skyscraping residential complex with 200 apartments boasts swimming pools instead of balconies.

London development firm Eco World Ballymore in conjunction with Arup Associates are taking it one step further by designing a swimming pool in the sky. Located in the Embassy Gardens at Nine Elms on the River Thames, the sky pool is located on the tenth floor with see-through walls and flooring. Set across two buildings the swimming pool will allow residents to swim over London below.

The pool which will give residents a bird’s eye view, measures 27 metres long and six metres wide with eight inches of glass at the base.

Glass bottom pools have long been a trend in luxury hotels and apartments including Shanghai’s Holiday Inn where the swimming pool with transparent base hangs 24 stories off the side of the building. Melbourne’s Adelphi Hotel located in the busy central business district is also in on the trend, giving guests the opportunity to swim above the hustle and bustle below.

Private residences are also joining the trend – some elaborate, some with the addition of glass tiled portholes to really integrate the swimming pool with the surrounding area.

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