Live shark found in backyard swimming pool

April 4, 2016


What reads like a script that belongs in the famous Spielberg movie franchise Jaws, a five foot long blacktip shark was found in a backyard swimming pool in Florida.

According to reports, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation are still trying to determine how the shark ended up in the swimming pool of the Florida condominium complex, but it is believed to have been a silly prank.

The prank could have very well turned deadly if any unsuspecting swimmers had dived in before the shark was removed and returned to the nearby ocean.
Blacktip sharks are one of the most common shark species in south Florida and are saltwater fish. They are typically responsible for bites to humans in murky water, usually after storms, where they mistake an arm or a leg for a fish.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will continue to investigate the incident.
While swimming with sharks may be at the top of many thrill seekers’ bucket lists, the residents of the condominium complex were said to be thrilled that the surprise guest had been returned to its rightful home.

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