Lap Pools Can Be Sexy Too

July 18, 2018

Lap pools

When someone says ‘lap’ the word that comes to mind probably isn’t pool. It might be ‘dance’ … or maybe ‘cat’ … depending on how you like to spend Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. Still, lap pools can be every bit as satisfying as the other two. A lap pool is ideally over 10 metres long and has a narrow rectangular shape. They’re built with fitness in mind, so their shape is optimised for laps. They’re often deeper than conventional home pools.

Because of shape ‘restrictions’, many people think lap pools are boring, but there are lots of ways to jazz them up, and they can be every bit as stylish as other swimming pools. At Blue Haven, our options for lap pool design in Sydney is driven by size, with lap pools available in 12m and 15m options, and even depth of 1.3 metres from end to end.

Swim in tight spaces

A lap pool works well if you have a smaller backyard, but we’re not big believers in one-size-fits-all. The average swimming pool builder will hear ‘lap pool’ and jump to conclusions. They will assume all they need to know is length and width. We prefer to visit your site, look at your property structure, listen to your vision, and build you something beautiful. Plus, the site visit and the pool design process are completely free.

Just like any other pool, you can ramp up your pool’s sexiness factor with accessories and poolside features. Use pool lighting to create the right mood for your fitness routine. Dusky yellows and peaches are good for leisurely after-work laps, while your early-morning aerobics routine might be more inspired by stimulating neons.

Lap pool

It’s also pretty easy to connect a sound system to your pool and have it blast ambient work-out tunes that match your target heart rate. After all, sound travels better underwater. For comfort, you could install a pool heating system, and if you want your exercise regime to go uninterrupted year-round, consider building your lap pool indoors, or designing a canopy over it. Don’t forget a pool cover to conserve power and reduce maintenance costs.

Give your pool an edge

A simple way to give your pool more style is to install an infinity edge. You can do this even in a limited space, and if your pool is semi-in-ground, it can offer a gorgeous view from other parts of the house. It certainly presents a wow-factor when you’re entertaining. While lap pools are generally narrow, they’re wide enough for every swimming stroke so that you can practice a full medley for better fitness results.

Lap pools have consistent depths, elaborate coping, and simple shapes that make it easy to reach every part of the pool for simpler maintenance. You can also link your pool to a remote pool maintenance app, allowing you to programme cleaning cycles, pool lights, pumps, heaters, and even security sensors from anywhere in the world, as long as your phone has internet access. It’s great for scrambling potential home invaders or playing April Fool’s pranks on your house sitters. Just be sure they’re not the type to induce heart attacks.

For lap pools that will keep you well exercised and maintain your sexy self, call Blue Haven Pools today on 13 20 25.

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