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You know what they say, if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Each year, thousands of council applications are rejected due to red tape and poor preparation, forcing homeowners to build contracted projects that are far from their dream design.


Most people think that contacting a salesperson is the first step on their pool journey, but this is not only outdated but risky.


Before pricing your build, it’s essential to find the right design based on your site’s conditions, compliance rules, and legislation.


As Australia’s pool specialists, we know exactly what you need:

  • A pool designed and priced accurately without fear of compromise.
  • Accurate information on site costs and planning issues before you sign your pool contract.
  • Easy transition from permit to build without wasting time and money on a design that will not comply.

You’re looking for a good job with no surprises, all for the right price, and we have the solution.







Start your pool journey the right way

Unless you are planning for compliance, the integrity of your pool quote is questionable at best. Here’s what we can do to help:

  • Identify tricky land restrictions.
  • Sift through all the rules and find what’s applicable to your specific property.
  • Advise building distances from boundaries, trees, sewer, and easement.
  • Break down complicated legislation in plain English and see what you can build to maximise your property’s potential.
  • Compare the hardscape and landscaping ratios for your size block against the regulations.

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What you get for $499

  • Land zone identification
  • 10.7 planning certificate issued by your local council
  • Title search document
  • Deposited plan
  • 88b instrument
  • Water board diagram
  • Acid Sulphate soil – class identification

If you already have a site plan, soil report, and/or survey plan, please email them to us at sales@bluehaven.com.au. If not, you can purchase a backyard contour and survey plan for $750.

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The Step-By-Step Process

Because transparency matters.

Step 1: Backyard Contour & Survey Plan

Before you can even think about building, you need your site assessed. Simply provide us with a site and house plan, a 2-minute video (horizontal frame) showing the path the excavator will take from the street to the proposed pool site, photos showing the desired pool location, boundary fences, and trees over 3m high, confirmation of soil conditions, and slab details if your pool will be 1.3m from any structure.

Step 2: Concept Design

Together we conceptualise the location, shape and size of your pool. No finishes are chosen at this stage – this is all about structure and ground works. A concept plan is tailored to suit your site levels, underground services, soil conditions and hardscape or retaining requirements. Once finalised, $3500 is to be paid for architectural drafting, engineering, and permit management.

Step 3: Architectural Drafting & Engineering

Your plans are prepared for lodgment and your Certifier selected. We then coordinate your Water board approval, Long service levy, Mine Subsidence, and Basix applications, with application and inspection fees paid before submission. After submission, you’ll attend a showroom consultation to select your finishes – filtration, heating, lighting, interior, tiling, fencing, jets, textures and colour scheme.

Step 4: Additional Documentation

Occasionally, extra documents are requested from the Certifier or Council. These can include but are not limited to: flood certificates, survey plans, geotechnical engineer reports, dilapidation reports, arborist reports, decking plans, zone of influence engineering, bushfire zone reports, acid sulphate soil reports, and amended plans. We can coordinate quotes for these items and oversee their management.

Step 5: Site Specifics & Pre-Construction Management

This is time for you to pay your bond while we get on with your site’s logistical management. We coordinate everything from road crossings and traffic control to soil removal on your behalf.

Step 6: Approval

Upon approval, your main site contact will log into www.bluehaven.com.au/readytobuild for a mandatory online induction – construction will not be booked before completion. Preceding excavation, Work Permit Section 138 will be applied, Home Owners Warranty Insurance issued (if project valued over $20,001), and the sewer encasement schedule, tree protection measures and surveyor set out requested (if required)

Upon completion of the above, your pool’s excavation will begin within 4 – 6 weeks. From the first day of excavation, your pool’s ETA is set for 12 weeks, subject to weather and material / labour constraints that we cannot control.


*Access to power, water, construction waste bin, and a toilet will need to be available on site at all times.

*Dewatering of excavation and concrete shell is to be managed by the homeowner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We Got Your Back

Is a site visit required?

No. It is not necessary. An online assessment will be undertaken.

Does this service include permit approval?

No. A formal application to council or certifier is required to grant permission to build.  This service is for compliance advice to save time and money with the pool design based on site specifics.

What if I already have some of the documents?

That’s great news. Share the documents you have so we can ensure they are current. A new price for missing documents can be offered.

Why is a backyard contour plan important?

When planning any structure, it’s important to know the natural ground level as this is a fail-proof way to plan finished heights, accurately budget for excavation, and engineer the right structure, particularly if your block is sloping or tiered, or if the desired finished level of the pool will be significantly higher than natural ground.

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