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Blue Haven Inground Pools have little to no design limitations. Choose from a Concrete or Fibreglass Pool which fits perfectly into the layout of your home.

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Inground Pools

An inground pool is an asset to any backyard. The pinnacle of backyard entertainment, Blue Haven inground pools fit seamlessly into the design of your home and outdoor decor. Each inground pool design is tailored to the preferences of the customer, they’re available space and the outdoor environment it’s likely to inhabit. This way Blue Haven provides pools that are individual to each customer but are consistent in the quality of design and implementation.

Blue Haven offers two types of inground pools to our customers:
– Fibreglass Pools
– Concrete Pools

Benefits of an Inground Fibreglass Pool

  • A quick and easy installation process
  • Coated with a special gel that stops leaks and cracks
  • The non-porous surface makes it harder for algae and mould to grow
  • They’re relatively easy to clean and maintain
  • Over 30 different designs and sizes available
  • Compatible with multiple pool features

Benefits of an Inground Concrete Pool

  • Custom built designs
  • The highest amount of strength and durability
  • Versatile designs and layouts to suit any area
  • Pool environment can be blended into the style and design of the home
  • Features can seamlessly be added to a concrete pools design
  • Freedom of choice

Infinity Edge Swimming Pool

Your next swimming pool can touch the horizon, with a Blue Haven infinity edge pool design. These specialty crafted pools give the visual effect of water extending out towards the horizon, with the edges suddenly vanishing.

An infinity edge pool can seamlessly blend your pool into the environment and give swimmers a glorious view out over the landscape. These pools not only provide excellent views but can add significant value to your home.

It takes a skilled professional to install a contemporary infinity pool. Blue Haven has extensive experience in creating and implementing modern infinity pool designs.

Semi-inground pool

What is semi-inground pool?

Semi-inground pools are becoming a sought after design choice for many new pool owners. These pools are only partially buried in the ground. This is a benefit for people who want a cheaper above ground pool, but don’t want it to obstruct their entire backyard.

A semi-inground pool allows people to be more creative with their design. Decking is often integrated into the design of a semi-inground pool which can give the effect of a fully lowered inground pool. For creative individuals, the semi-inground pool offers an opportunity to incorporate their pool into the landscape, with unique and attractive outcomes. It can also be built into a sloping backyard. A semi-inground pool requires distinct placement and layout plans for certain areas.

These types of pools are just as robust and durable as any other inground or above ground fibreglass pool. Best of all, they are cheap and can be installed in just a couple of days.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Inground pools are much easier to clean than Above Ground alternatives.

Infinity Edge Pools

This sleek Inground pool design choice can give your pool extra appeal.

Smooth to the Touch

There is no bumpy, scratchy or coarse surfaces on our concrete inground pools.

Semi Inground Pools

Semi Inground Pools are available to suit the specific design needs of your space.

Differences between inground pools & semi-inground pools

Inground Pools: They are completely buried in the ground.
Semi-inground Pools: Are only partially buried in the ground.
Inground Pools: These pools are more suited to individuals and families looking to install a pool that fits seamlessly into their house and backyard design.

Semi-inground Pools: A semi-inground pool is great for people looking to integrate their pool with decking options, or with a sloped backyard.

Installation Time
Inground Pools: Fibreglass inground pools are relatively quick to install. Custom designed concrete pools will take the longest to complete.

Semi-inground Pools: The time it takes to install a semi-inground pool is less than inground pools. In some cases it is also DIY project.

Inground Pools: Custom designed concrete pools cost the most. A fibreglass inground pool is relatively cheap and easy to install but will cost more than an above ground pool.

Semi-inground Pools: The cost of a semi-inground pool is cheaper than other inground options. Although it will cost more than a regular above ground pool due to excavation and other costs.

Semi-inground Pool Installation

What is involved in semi-inground installation?

We have 3 types of swimming pool options for semi inground installation. Our above ground pools can be installed semi-inground and are a great option if you are lacking entry space. There are also decking options available with the above ground pool to make it blend seamlessly with your home and make it appear as if it’s inground.

We can build a semi-inground concrete pool. A popular option is our wet edge pools which can be built in any backyard, particularly sloped backyards. The wet edge has one side with cascading water falling over a cut that looks spectacular. For the installation process, we use structural piers with our concrete pools which can be built almost anywhere, even on sloping blocks and they are especially apt for building in areas with reactive clay soils, where they can comfortably withstand the constant movement and heaving of the soil.

The great bonus of choosing to build your swimming pool with Blue Haven Pools is we have had almost 50 years experience! We build your pools that are strong and durable. Our concrete pools can be installed on almost any site, this includes rock sites, cliff edges, waterfronts, suspended structures, they can even become part of the house foundation so that the pool water laps the house walls.

Another option is our very popular swim spas that can also be installed semi-inground. Our swim spas can be installed the same day they are delivered with no installation whatsoever! They are put into place by crane, hiab or even in some cases it’s as easy as installing it on a trolley. All of the plumbing work is inside of the casing for our swim spas if you are opting for an out of ground swim spa. Decking options are also available semi-inground designs and swim spas which are completely out of the ground.

Decking Options

Blue haven take care of all kinds of decking including carpentry, cantilevered walkways, concrete walkways, paved surrounds, tiled surrounds, assisting with the sourcing and supplying of quality finishing like travertine, sandstone, marble and a variety of timber options including mod wood for bushfire prone areas.

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