How to paint your swimming pool

February 26, 2016



How to paint your swimming pool

When the paint on the bottom of your pool begins to peel and cracks start to appear, it will certainly look tired and old. But rather than seeking to completely replace or renovate the pool, why not just paint it?

As seasoned renovators will attest, the best and most affordable way to give a home a fresh new look is with a lick of paint. The same can be said for a swimming pool. Whether concrete or fibreglass, a fresh coat of paint is the best way to give your pool a new lease on life. Pool paint comes in many different colours and is an inexpensive surface compared to other materials.

So where do you start? Painting your pool unfortunately is not as easy as a trip to the paint aisle at your local hardware store. You need to first find out what the base of your pool is currently painted with. You can’t paint a pool that has epoxy paint with rubber base and vice versa. Acrylic paint however can go on any surface.

There are three main types of pool paint:

Epoxy paint: This is for new swimming pool constructions or those previously painted with epoxy paint. Long lasting (about 7-10 years), it will withstand UV rays, chemical treatments and automatic pool cleaners.

Chlorinated rubber based: It’s not as durable as epoxy paint (lasts about 3-5 years), but it is dependable, affordable and easy to use.

Water-based acrylic paint: This can be used on any surface and is easy to use. Again unfortunately not as durable as epoxy paint (lasts 2-3 years).

Once you’ve selected your paint you need to drain the water from the swimming pool and remove any debris that might be on the bottom. If there are any cracks in the shell of the pool they need to be cut out, chalked, filled or patched depending on the surface of the pool. An acid wash and trisodium-phosphate clean is advised next to ensure all oil, grease and dirt is removed from the surface. Rinse and pump out all water. Let dry for a few days.

Once the pool has been swept or blow vacuumed it is time to start painting!

Make sure you have all the right equipment including paint roller and apply two coats of paint. Once they are dry, you must wait five days before refilling your pool.

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