How To Heat Your Pool Through Winter

October 16, 2016


While the sun dips behinds the clouds and prepares to stay there for the next few months, it may seem like swimming is the last thing on your mind. Swimming doesn’t have to be off the agenda altogether, especially when there are many options available for heating your pool, allowing you to enjoy it all year round.

There are three main ways of heating your pool through winter, and a blue Haven consultant is the perfect person to talk to regarding which method may suit your needs best. Blue Haven Pools Managing Director Remonda Martinez says the three most common ways to heat your pool are through electric heating, solar heating and gas heating.

“Electric heating has until recently, been the most common way to heat your pool. With the cost of electricity rising and the emissions related to electricity consumption, consumers have turned increasingly to alternative methods,” she says. “Solar heating is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers who are looking for more environmentally friendly ways of consuming energy.”

While the set up costs for solar heating can put off potential buyers, it is important to note solar heating systems are cheaper in the long run as they use the free energy from the sun. “Solar heating systems use a series of tubes located across the side of the roof that receives the most sun during the day, the water is heated and pumped in and out of the pool, increasing the water temperature and allowing for all year swimming,”

Ms Martinez says. Gas heating is a more energy efficient way of heating your pool than electricity, it also can heat your pool very quickly, however if you want to keep your pool at an even temperature it can be relatively expensive.

“Depending on your needs and how often you wish to swim throughout the year, Blue Haven can absolutely help you decide on a solution that is both cost effective and efficient, to ensure your family can make best-use of the pool.”

For more information about Blue Haven pools, or for a free quote call 13 20 25 or visit www.bluehaven.com.au Keeping you pool Blue through winter Keeping your pool clean and blue through winter can

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