How to clean your swimming pool filter cartridge

February 24, 2016

There’s more to keeping your swimming pool sparkling clean than simply throwing a few chemicals into the water, vacuuming every now and emptying out the skimmer box.

You need to keep your filter cartridge clean and in tip top shape to ensure the entire filtration system does its job.

The purpose of a pool cartridge filter is to clean your pool water by capturing debris and decontaminates. With time the folds in the filter cartridge will become clogged, meaning water will not flow through the filter as easily and pressure within the filter will increase.

This is not good for the swimming pool filter system and could end up costing you thousands in repairs and system replacements.

Swimming pool filter cartridges can be replaced, but if you want to save money you can clean them. As a general rule of thumb, your filter should be cleaned at least once a month during the summer and every other month if your pool is operational during the winter so the latter might be a more affordable option.

The first thing to always remember when doing anything with your filter system is to turn off the pump and disconnect the power. Before you remove the cartridge, you need to first remove the pressure from the air release valve. Once this is done remove the top of the filter case off to expose the filter cartridge. Remove the cartridge from the filter and set it upright on the lawn. Using a garden hose, spray water from the top to bottom to remove any dirt and grime. Spend extra time spraying at the bottom as dirt and grime can build up there.

Sometimes, if the filter cartridge hasn’t been cleaned regularly, it can develop calcium deposits and will need to be scrubbed.

Once clean, replace the cartridge into the filter and replace the pool filter lid so that you can read the pressure gauge and turn the power back on to repressurise the pool filter.

For other hints and tips to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean contact your Blue Haven Pools consultants on 13 20 25.

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