Five things you should know before diving in to building your swimming pool

October 24, 2016

So you’re taking the plunge and building your dream swimming pool. No matter what your budget or requirements, building a swimming pool should be a well-planned process. If you rush in you may be faced with some costly mistakes down the track so it pays to invest time in getting it right.

The first and most important thing is to do your research on who you choose to build your pool.

  • Ask yourself the following questions before arranging a meeting with a prospective builder:
  • Is their website informative?
  • Are the images or portfolio of your chosen builder to your liking?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What are the key services offered by the company?
  • Is the pool builder local and easily contactable?
  • Is their builder licensed displayed?
  • Is the builder a member of any organisations, for example SPASA, Master Builders, HIA or the Landscape Industries Association?
  • Has your pool builder received any awards for their work?
  • Has their work featured in magazines?

The second is budget above all advertised prices or package deals.

What you’ll often find on your bargain-basement cheap swimming pool is the failure to include things like landscaping, council fees, soil disposal, fencing, paving and coping and electrical work all of which can add up. Before signing on the dotted line it’s important to know what the TOTAL price of your new pool will be.

The third is to allow for time constraints. If you’re given a completion date – add a few weeks to that. Weather plays an important part in the eventual completion date of your swimming pool. If you have a particular end date in mind – plan early so that you can be swimming on time.

The fourth is to know what pool best suits your site. You may be dreaming of a luxurious infinity pool but if you have an awkward sloping site it may not be best suited to your site and budget. Ask your pool builder for their recommendations and whether the pool you desperately want will work.

The fifth and most important is to allocate a budget. Swimming pools range in price from the tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands so it’s best to understand what you can afford to spend before getting your heart set on a particular type of pool. Fibreglass pools provide an affordable option and with the many designs available can look streamlined and as modern as the more expensive cement swimming pool varieties.

To find a swimming pool that suits your lifestyle and your budget, call Blue Haven today on 13 20 25 or visit www.bluehaven.com.au

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