Experience True Luxury with Eco Smart Mineral Pools

August 25, 2015

Bestow yourself an indulgence you deserve while simultaneously doing your bit for the environment: opt for Blue Haven Pool’s Eco Smart Mineral Pools.

Without the guilt associated with the cost of excessive water usage, the negative health impacts of soaking in strong chemicals and the blow to the environment building and maintaining a pool can cause – you can relax your mind as much as your body in Blue Haven’s ‘E-smart Pools’.

This kind of mental and physical level of relaxation was once something only possible with an expensive trip to the day spa; now you can have it in your own home or backyard – and enjoy it on a daily basis!

With mineral-infused water that contains 90 per cent less chemicals than salt water and chlorine pools, ‘Enviro Smart’ Pools offer you a myriad of health benefits. Your body will thank you as the nourishing and relaxing mineral water increases circulation, helps reduce stress and anxiety, is safe for those with allergies and is easy on your skin.

Blue Haven Pool’s introduction of the Eco Smart Mineral Pool in 2012 answered the prayers of endless Sydney residents looking for a lower-maintenance, less costly and environmentally-friendly swimming pool. By reducing water-usage, cutting operating costs and conserving water, these swimming pools provide a more budget-friendly option, with the added bonuses of being a more natural swimming pool with less negative impacts on the environment. These pools cut emissions by up to 80 per cent and reduce water wastage by a whopping 12,000 liters per annum!

Blue Haven Pools CEO Remonda Martinez says the innovative system also gave swimming pool buyers more choice.

“Gone are the days of being limited to stock standard swimming pools shapes and materials in only either salt water or chlorine – buyers these days are spoilt for choice in both design and water type,”” Mrs Martinez says.

“”More and more buyers are opting for the Enviro Smart Mineral Pool because of the range of health benefits it provides in comparison to the conventional chemical swimming pool water.

“While chlorine swimming pools have a strong odour and can sting the eyes and skin, the Enviro Smart Swimming Pool isn’t harsh on the skin or hair.””

Blue Haven Pools are Australia’s largest and best swimming pool builders. They offer a wide array of backyard pools, including vinyl lined aboveground pools, fibreglass pools and custom-built concrete pools. Blue Haven Pools also offer pool repairs such as new copings and surrounds, filtration and sanitization, water features, man-made rockery, timber work and landscaping and luxury finishes.

So why not add a little guilt-free luxury into your life today by using Sydney’s best swimming pool builders at Blue Haven Pools and start building your personal serenity today!

For more information on e-smart or other pools and spas, email remonda.m@bluehaven.com.au, or call 13 20 25 to request a quote. Otherwise head online to bluehaven.com.au and have a look at some of the stunning pools and spas on offer.

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