Envirosmart – the eco-friendly pool for the environment conscious homeowner

May 16, 2016

The Enviro Smart swimming pool is the hipster of the swimming pool set.

Environmentally and eco focused, the swimming pool system saves users, time and money while reducing their environmental footprint.

Boasting a superior natural feel, the water in an Enviro Smart swimming pool is gentler on skin, making it better suited to allergy sufferers. The mineral component of the water, which harnesses the riches of nature’s ocean and mineral lagoons also makes swimmers feel more energised and refreshed. In fact, the therapeutic effects of the water will last long after swimmers leave the water including less stress, clearer skin and rejuvenated muscles.

“It’s like having your very own spa at home!” says Blue Haven Pools Managing Director Remonda Martinez.

And the benefits don’t stop there – the Enviro Smart Pool System reduces energy consumption and water use by 80 per cent. Water waste is reduced by 12,000 litres per annum, operating costs are drastically reduced and the pool is basically maintenance free.

“It really is a superior swimming pool system,” Mrs Martinez says.

“Plus there’s the added benefit of no added chlorine, algaecides, or clarifiers, resulting in safer, cleaner water.”
Mrs Martinez says consumers are quickly realising the benefits of the advanced concrete pool system that is the smartest, safest and most superior on the market today.

The Enviro Smart Pool is cheap to run with an 80 per cent saving off running costs, plus it is virtually maintenance free.

“Swimming pools afford their owners a great lifestyle, but they also take time to maintain, and consumers these days want the benefits of a pool without without any maintenance hassles,” Mrs Martinez says.

“The Enviro Smart Mineral Pool cuts maintenance time in half, so owners can spend more time enjoying their pool and less time maintaining it.”

Call Blue Haven Pools today on 13 20 25 for more information on how an Enviro Smart Swimming Pool can create lasting benefits for you and your family.

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