Energy Saving Tips for Spas & Swim Spas

February 28, 2018

Spas are a welcome addition to the home, offering a warm safe haven in winter and cool respite in the Summer. The benefits are extensive, although one of the challenges people come across as a spa owner is the running costs.

A typical pool will use between 2,0000kW to 3,000kW of electricity each year depending on the size of the pump and how long it runs each day. Which on a hot summer day, this can be for hours. Per annum, it will cost owners anywhere between $800 and $1,200. The running cost of a spa is pretty similar, and when both are running all year round then they can cause some problems for your wallet.

There are ways of keeping your pool costs low this year using some simple tips from Blue Haven:


The majority of energy used for a spa is through the pump and filtration systems to keep the pool clean. Now, turning that off would be a big mistake. This is an energy cost you’re just going to have to cop on the chin whenever you use your spa. The best way of keeping this cost as low as possible comes with diligence. Whenever you’re not using your spa, turn it off. Running your pool or spa during off peak times can also ensure operating costs are kept to a minimum.

It pays to investigate the various filtration systems on the market as each has varying energy needs.

Also keeping the cover on your spa when it’s not in use will keep it clean, this way the filtration system won’t be working as hard to funnel through clean water.


Again this comes down to diligence from a spa owner. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and regularly clean and maintain your spa and its equipment to ensure it operates efficiently. An unattended pump or filtration system can not only increase your energy costs, but it has the potential to harm swimmers if the water isn’t being cleaned properly.


Lighting can create a certain ambience and atmosphere for a spa. But it can also burn through your budget as it causes energy costs to rise. Keeping the lights turned off as much as possible will help reduce costs. Solar powered lighting options are also available for Blue Haven Spas. Speak to a Blue Haven consultant to find out more.


The heat produced by a spa is its quintessential quality. So when we tell you that the heat is running up your energy costs, we don’t expect you to turn it off. What you can do is keep the heating to a minimum when the spa isn’t in use. You can also keep the cover on your spa to prevent heat loss and preserve the temperature of the water.

For more insight into energy-saving costs visit your local Blue Haven Pools and Spas dealer.

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